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Hamoda Mohamad helps area students learn about agriculture by allowing field trips to Casa Verde Farmland

Hamoda Mohamad

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2021 / -- Hamoda Mohammad is an agriculture entrepreneur and the proprietor of Casa Verde Farmland located in Texas. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business management in 1989 and immediately started his first business. He managed to grow his business for several years until he decided to join his father in starting an agricultural business.

It all started when Hamoda’s father, Advic Mohamad, bought a small farm and started planting vegetables for personal consumption. Advic persuaded Hamoda to join him in his farm and make a business out of this. Hamoda was hesitant at first, but then, he saw great potential in his father’s farm. To expand his father’s farm, Hamoda bought a bigger land for their business. And in 1995, Hamoda and his father officially started a family business. They named the farm Casa Verde Farmland, which translates to greenhouse in Spanish. However, they faced a lot of challenges while starting their business because Hamoda and his father had no agricultural background and just depended on information they get from magazines and other printed materials. After they failed in producing marketable produce, they scouted tenant farmers that could work at Casa Verde Farmland as laborers. Hamoda’s younger brother named Hamani then joined the business. Hamani was in charge of marketing their crops to restaurants, fast food chains, supermarkets, and market stall owners. This was the beginning of their success.

Casa Verde Farmland became the leading supplier of carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, and fruits such as apples, cherries, and watermelons. Hamoda wanted to further expand their business, so he went to agricultural schools and attended training and seminars to gain connections in this industry.

In 1998, Hamoda Mohamad was awarded Farmer of the Year, and in the same year, Hamoda started venturing into the export business. For their products to meet export qualifications, they set up a factory for their harvests to be cleaned, sorted, and packed. With this expansion, their family business opened more jobs to the people, including the beneficiaries of the Learning Disabilities Foundation.

The Mohamad family was loved by the people because of their generosity. It is uncommon for farm owners to practice profit-sharing, but farmers at Casa Verde Farmland always get their share of success every harvest season. They get either cash or excess harvest, depending on how fruitful their harvest was. Hamoda had also inspired the farmers to share their excess harvest with the less fortunate. They would prepare baskets of vegetables or fruits and deliver them to poor families, including some people with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, aphasia, and dyspraxia. Hamoda believed that this kind of profit-sharing makes his employees more productive.

Moreover, Hamoda Mohamad served as an ununiformed forest ranger at Sabine National Forest. He took his turn in patrolling the area at least twice a month. During the summer of 2011, the forest caught fire, and Hamoda was one of the volunteers who helped in putting off the fire and helping animals escape into safety. While doing his job, he accidentally broke his femur. His bravery was acknowledged by the local government, but he had to end his duties as he couldn’t stand the long walks anymore.

Because he couldn’t serve the community as a forest ranger, he opened Casa Verde Farmland for primary school field trips. He wanted children to have firsthand experience of farming and educate them on how important agriculture is.

Like other businesses, Hamoda and Casa Verde Farmland also had a great loss when the COVID-19 pandemic hit their area. Though they continued to operate, their business partners had to cancel their orders because of the lockdown. They only had supermarkets to supply their harvests to. Despite that, Hamoda tried his best to retain all employees in the farm. They adapted skeletal schedules and controlled their production.

At present, Casa Verde Farmland is slowly getting back to normal. Hamoda continues to support the Learning Disabilities Foundation, and when schools re-open, he will surely welcome field trips in his farm.

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