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Ujjawal Madan Discusses The Evolving Role of Analytics in Everyday Life

Ujjawal Madan

Ujjawal Madan

Ujjawal Madan On The Evolving Role of Analytics in Everyday Life

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2021 / -- Ujjawal Madan says that data is everywhere—it is collected and analyzed by governments, corporations, and individuals alike to understand human behavior. The world has never seen this amount of information collected so rapidly, which is why data has become a powerful tool for understanding all aspects of life.

Big data and analytics have changed how people go about their everyday lives. As more people turn to big data for answers, the range of industries that can benefit from it is mushrooming. From medical research to marketing, professionals of all kinds are laboring to utilize their knowledge gained from big data in an ever-growing number of ways.

In Healthcare

Healthcare is another area where big data is having a dramatic impact on our personal lives. From the collection and application of mass information to the use of telemedicine for care in remote regions, big data has changed many areas of the healthcare industry including:

Projections of epidemics and disease transmission

Tracking and providing health patterns and personal records

Treatment procedures and potential cures

Security and Privacy

Tracking and enhancing the quality-of-life patterns

Ujjawal Madan points out that an increasing number of your medical records have been digitized. This use of electronic data can affect your life in many important ways. Electronic data is revolutionizing the medical field. This form of data has helped doctors, hospitals, and clinics more efficiently track your history and provide the treatment you need.

You provide data to the platform which is used in a number of ways, including to develop medical treatments and track diseases.

In Employment and Education

Ujjawal Madan explains that big data is used to predict the future and impacts two of the primary areas that will shape your life: education and employment. College admission and hiring practices take cues from big data, which means you can make better decisions about your career.

Colleges and universities use statistical programs to identify and attract the best students possible. These educational institutions benefit from higher rates of enrollment among admitted students, as well as improved graduation rates.

In Entertainment

Big data affects your personal life through the entertainment you consume. This includes music streaming services like Spotify, as well as television and film platforms. Streaming has revolutionized the music industry and most people use one or more such services.

Pandora relies on big data to customize your experience in real-time. Pandora's music genome project is the world's most comprehensive analysis of music, and it allows Pandora to personalize your experience.


Ujjawal Madan says data analytics is the future of evaluating business and strategy and is driving the way organizations are taking data into account.

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