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Nobel Prize Nominated COVID-19 Protection Chosen By PVH Corporation To Protect Facilities And Employees

Globally Recognized Nobel Prize Nominee teams up with Fortune 500 Company To Protect Employees and Visitors From COVID-19

The Future of Building Protection

The M3 System Delivery Module

The Future Of Building Protection

PVH Distribution Center Environmental Control Unit

Nobel Prize Nominated Technology Chosen To Protect Occupants Against COVID-19

750,000 Sq. Ft. PVH Corporation Distribution Facility In USA

PVH Corporation, formerly known as Phillips-Van Heusen, has chosen The M3 System developed by Global Infection Control Consultants LLC for Pandemic Protection.

A Globally established Fortune 500 Company has chosen Nobel Prize Nominated technology developed by a long time consultant as primary COVID-19 protection for its distribution and retail centers.”
— Arthur V. Martin Ph.D. President
NORTH MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, October 17, 2021 / -- PVH Corporation, formerly known as Phillips-Van Heusen has worked with its long-term consultant, Global Infection Control Consultants LLC, to deploy GICC LLC’s Nobel Prize Nominated technology to protect employees in the distribution facilities as well as 500+ retail outlets in the USA and overseas.
GICC LLC developed an organic based, chemical, drug and alcohol-free solution that was successfully tested against COVID-19 as well as numerous other pathogens and tested for efficacy in a USA CDC Approved laboratory. The product has been manually applied in applications around the world for over 15 years. Several years ago, Dr. Arthur V. Martin and Kevin M. Martin began conceptualizing, engineering and producing what is known as The M3 System® for automatic, calculated product infusion in buildings to provide 24/7/365 protection.
The system works on what is known as The Brownian Theory of Motion. The Brownian Theory describes how particles such as pathogenic fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viruses move randomly about in the air we breathe. By developing a methodology to infuse billions of individual pathogen-killing molecules into the air which also move randomly they come in contact with pathogens and kill them.
The efficacy of the ground breaking technology far exceeds results produced by current technologies such as HEPA filters, UV (Ultraviolet Light) and Bipolar Ionization. PVH has been using our technology in more than 500 retail outlets in the USA and overseas to protect employees and visitors since 2012.
“Having designed and built Clean Rooms, Hospital Operating Suites and Bio-Safety Laboratories around the world for nearly 40 years my approach was to be able to control and or eliminate pathogens but do it more efficiently and more effectively than any current technology utilizing organic materials and methods” said Dr. Martin. “Lou Schwartz who has been the PVH Quality Control Specialist and I have worked together since 2012 when we traveled together to Hong Kong, Mainland China and Bangladesh solving critical pathogen contamination problems affecting productivity, contract worker health and profits. This cooperative effort by both our companies is intended to protect PVH employees and facilities and show the world that innovative, successfully employed technology is now available for everyone. PVH has been using our product technology in more than 500 retail outlets in the USA and overseas to protect employees and visitors.”
The technology is applicable to many venues. Schools can reduce absenteeism and kids can learn and thrive in a safe environment. Office buildings can reduce absenteeism related to respiratory issues which will increase productivity and reduce insurance costs by reducing medical visits. Religious facilities can welcome worshipers back and provide a safe indoor environment for them. Restaurants and retail facilities can provide healthy indoor conditions for patrons. Fear of litigation is reduced.
One of the most highly critical locations for this ground breaking technology is the medical environment. Secondary, nosocomial infections, in hospitals has been a serious problem from years. In May of 2021 the CDC finally recognized that the main problem with the spread of COVID-19 was not doorknobs and elevator buttons. It was, is and will continue to be the air we breathe. The average adult breathes as much as 25,000 liters of air/day and everything in it.
The M3 System® technology takes direct aim at this problem and the results are proven.
Total identified pathogen count as a variety of ten, reduced to 5 in just 30 hours with the remaining five at 12% quantification of the original count.
Total pathogen air content in 650,000 Sq. Ft. facility reduced by 90% before all units became operational.
Total number of commercial building occupants in a Florida installation testing positive after extended contact with outside infected people……..Zero.
PVH Corporation with $7.1 billion in global revenue, more than 33,000 employees and a global presence in 40+ countries continues to embrace innovative, ground braking technologies for their own staff and employees but with an eye on sustainability and environmental awareness.

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The M3 System Pandemic Protection Unit