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Clean Group Sydney Explains the Importance of Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Sydney

Sydney, Oct. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Clean Group, a top provider of affordable & quality-driven commercial cleaning services in Sydney, is sharing helpful information about the importance and right process of carpet cleaning. The company offers property cleaning services, including carpet cleaning, in 200+ suburbs of Sydney.

“Carpets are an integral part of Sydney homes and offices, and these are also the objects to get the highest amount of dirt and germs. The visitors in your home and office might bring all kinds of dirt and allergens along with their shoes, and leave most of it on your carpets. And without regular and proper cleaning, these will end up making you, your family and/or employees sick,” says Suji Siv, owner and CEO of Clean Group.

While the above statement is more than sufficient to understand the importance of carpet cleaning in Sydney, the Clean Group CEO does one better by sharing detailed information about the importance of carpet cleaning along with some useful tips for DIY and professional carpet cleaning in Sydney.

Over time, carpets will start losing their shine and will look dull. This happens because dirt and dust keep accumulating in carpet fibres, along with pet fur, human hair and skin cells. This can lead to a build-up of germs and bacteria in the carpets, making them dirty and less attractive over time. Also, without routine cleaning, the carpet will keep accumulating germs and bacteria and build up nasty odours, which can degrade their value as well.

Carpet cleaning is not just about vacuuming the carpet or cleaning using a brush. Yes, this might remove some dust and dirt from the carpet, but hard stains and germs on the carpet can only be removed through professional cleaning. Why and how professional carpet cleaning is beneficial - answers Clean Group CEO.

“Although it is a good idea to routinely vacuum your carpets to remove as much dirt and dust as possible, only a professional carpet cleaning service can help remove germs, stains and dust particles that get stuck in the carpet fibres over time. Professional cleaning by expert carpet cleaners will not only look your carpets look better and newer, but also it has many health benefits.”

The dust and dirt particles in carpets can cause allergies of skin and breathing, leading to a variety of diseases, including asthma and eczema. This is particularly concerning in commercial places like offices and malls that are accessed by a number of people daily. “Coming into regular contact with dirty carpets, your staff, visitors and customers can acquire these air-borne diseases easily. Only deep cleaning of carpets every once in a while can help achieve 100% cleanliness and germs removal.”

Another benefit of getting the office carpet professionally cleaned is that the carpet will keep looking clean and attractive, leaving a good impression on the visitors. At the same time, deep cleaning will ensure all bad odours from the carpets are properly removed.

“Keeping your commercial carpets clean is also beneficial for financial reasons,” points out Suji Siv.

Carpet is a big investment. Since most business owners treat this as a one-time investment and want to only buy the best item for their premises, they invest heavily in buying top-quality carpets. However, they fail when it comes to keeping the carpets clean and well-maintained. Over time and without professional/deep cleaning, carpets start looking bad and get unhealthy, which leads to the need to buy new carpets, causing an unnecessary financial burden on the business. Routine, professional cleaning of carpets will not only reduce the maintenance cost but will also ensure the buyer gets the best value of money spent on the carpets.

Stains are carpet killers. They slowly but surely degrade the carpet life and make them lose their value. Stains on carpets are inevitable in commercial premises, but they can be eliminated with proper and routine cleaning. Particularly tough stains such as blood, wine, coffee, etc. must be dealt with immediately. So, that wraps up all about the importance of carpet cleaning in Sydney.


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