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WIN TV and Puppy Love International Launches Amazing Puppy Love "SMART TREATS" and Entertainment Global Website


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Puppy Love International Announces the Launch of the World's Most Amazing Pet Food and Entertainment Company to Millions of Excited Pet Owners around the globe.

REDDICK, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 3, 2021 / -- Puppy Love International


The most anticipated launch of the year for millions of pet owners has happened!

Puppy Love International is pleased to announce that it has officially launched its website for testing over the next few weeks and it is now available for viewing around the world.

It has hundreds of products and many more to come with it's signature training treats for dogs called 'SMART TREATS"

Puppy Love "SMART TREATS" even has a song contest with a $10,000 USD prize.

Check out:

Puppy Love International is a new training treat and dog food company that has already attracted a world wide buzz because it uses a patented ingredient in it's "SMART TREATS" formula that is not only patented but is the ONLY ingredient approved by the FDA, Canada Health, and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) who are the three major health authorities in the world who have the very highest standards of approvals.

The product is also approved in Australia, China, Malaysia, India and many other countries and is now set for a global push.

Why is thIs important for pet owners? This special ingredient is prebiotic and promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in your pets "Gut" and colon. In doing so it helps build up your pet's immune system and when an animal has a strong immune system it can fight off such things as tutors, growths, cancers etc.

It also assists in keeping your pets teeth nice and clean.

The ingredient also is high fibre, low calorie, is plant based yet has a sweet taste that dogs love without any added sugar.

But Puppy Love is much more than just a dog treat and food company. It is an incredible entertainment site for pet owners.

There is a feature film being made about the adventures of "LOLA" a one year old Pomeranian who was the inspiration for the film and for Puppy Love due to the incredible adventure of survival that she had. (Puppy Love is casting two additional dogs for the film. One needs to be a highly trained yellow lab and the other a "Character" dog of any kind.) Read all about it on the "PUPPY LOVE CLUB" page.

Puppy Love International has started an International "PUPPY LOVE CLUB" which is a must for everyone to join. WE ARE EXPECTING OVER 1,000,000 MEMBERS IN THE FIRST YEAR ALONE! hen we hit this target we will organize a massive "PUPPY LOVE CLUB" party on a 1,000 acre property in Florida and invite all "PUPPY LOVE CLUB" members and their poets to attend. The party will be full of fun activities for both doggies and owners, concerts, for and much more.

"THE PUPPY LOVE CLUB" is really two things. It is like a "Facebook" for dogs but for the owners it is like a Costco Membership where significant discounts on every item are available As much as 20% -35%and that applies to the special events for pets and their owners like cruises to deserted islands, chartered flights to social events around the world and much more.

But Wait! there's more! Part of the subscription fee goes to supporting various puppy rescue and adoption agencies and other good causes.

But Wait! There's even more!

For the owners when they join the "PUPPY LOVE CLUB" they can attend the international events that Puppy Love is planning. This includes, invitations to special social events, tickets to Puppy Love movie premiers, registration into our new Puppy Love Professional (that's right, WIN MONEY!) in our various entertainment events. THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!

Puppy Love International is in the process of becoming a USA listed public company through its parent company WIN TV which will be launched as a global network "Live Streaming" broadcast network next year in January.

"THE PUPPY LOVE CLUB" will also give members access to 24/7/365 veterinarian assistance, discounted insurance rates for your pets in the case of emergency help your pet may need.

As Puppy Love International tests it's site over the next few weeks we welcome any comments, ideas and we are also looking for those who may be interested in developing the first 'professional' doggy events.

One of the favourite projects we are working on is the "DOGGY OLYMPICS". This will be a network televised event where BOTH the dog and the owner (in Costume) have to perform the events. They BOTH have to run through tubes, jump over fences crawl through mud puddles, climb a baby oil mountain and much more.

So, we encourage everyone to check out and become part of the Puppy Love Community.

Thank you to all the supporters from all over the world who have created such an excitement about what we are doing.


October 2nd 2021

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