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Montana Author Nathan Truzzolino Announces the Release of Middle of the End: A Novel

Author Nathan Truzzolino

Missoula, Sept 30, 2021 - After a year of numerous life changing events, Truzzolino self-publishes new book aiming to pick up the Montana crime fiction mantle.

MISSOULA, MONTANA, UNITES STATES, September 30, 2021 / -- How do you find a missing person in the middle of the worst world pandemic in over 100 years?

In his first self-published novel, author Nathan Truzzolino answers that question. Set in small town Meriweather Montana, the main protagonist Sonny sets out to locate a missing adult daughter of a friend while navigating a world plagued by a contagious virus called ‘The Cough’.

Author Truzzolino had a year full of life changing events including the birth of his son, the loss of his mother, buying a home in the hottest housing market in history, getting sober and surviving the trials of COVID-19. Inspired by Missoula Montana legend crime writer James Crumley, Truzzolino hopes to pick up where Crumley left off.

“Crumley’s books are full of highway travel and I wanted to create a world similar to the one we live in where travel would be near impossible with lockdowns due to the pandemic. How does someone go missing then get found in a mid-pandemic world where hysteria and paranoia are turned up to 11? Middle of The End grew out of that idea.” - author Nathan Truzzolino

The story includes a rumpus road trip through Montana and her surrounding states as Sonny navigates the twists and turns of finding Kelly Braddock in a world where hiding is easier than ever.

“This was a great book. Nathan knows how to thread together a lot of different thoughts and make an intriguing drama that unfolds in a slow, methodic way until the end when it all comes to a head in a dramatic, exciting way. The topic is relevant to what's happening today and I enjoyed the ways he mixes real-life issues with fictional stories. Well worth reading!” Jake Sorich, author of The Cabbage Patch.

The novel can be purchased at in paperback and digital form.
Truzzolino also has a blog called Goose and the Bear where you can read his other writings including the short autobiography of the wildest year of his life titled All That Can Fit In a Year.

For inquires, interviews, quotes or otherwise Nathan Truzzolino can be contacted through his blog or by phone at 406-490-2710

Nathan Truzzolino is a born and raised Montanan. He is in love with his beautiful partner Lisa, their daughter Ryeanna and son Bruin. They live in the city of Missoula where they enjoy all of the things that make Montana great.

Nathan grew up in the town of Butte Montana, a town famous for its copper mines and the birth place of icon Evel Knievel and Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill. Nathan was educated at Butte High School and Montana Tech School of Mines. He spend some time living in Phoenix, Arizona where he learned a lot of life lessons that one can't experience living in Montana.

Nathan moved to Missoula Montana in 2012. Nathan fell in love with fiction from an early age. It wasn't until he found crime author James Crumley, a local legend in Missoula, that he started to think about taking writing seriously.


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