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Adventurer and Explorer Thom Wells Explains How Ecotourism Is Changing The Vacation Industry

Owner of Journey of Discovery and Expedition International Thom Wells

Owner of Journey of Discovery and Expedition International Thom Wells

Ecotourism is Here to Stay — Thom Wells Explains

TUCSON,, ARIZONA, USA, September 23, 2021 / -- Owner of Journey of Discovery and Expedition International Thom Wells is no stranger to the ecotourism movement. From leading expeditions deep in Siberia to exploring the rivers of New Guinea, Wells has been around the world and has dedicated much of his career to helping others learn about and appreciate all that nature has to offer. Wells says that ecotourism — a type of travel focused on exploring exotic areas and returning home with a deeper appreciation for the natural world — is here to stay. 

What is Ecotourism?
Ecotourism isn't just about traveling to rarely-explored areas of the globe. This type of tourism works to inform travelers, allowing them to return to their day to day lives with a new sense of changes that need to be made in order to allow global ecology to thrive. 

Many ecotourism trips are led by a guide. Thom Wells works to help those who participate in his expeditions to gain a sense of appreciation for the world and people around them. In addition to a focus on education, ecotourism also works to minimize any negative impacts that exploring may have on local communities, placing an emphasis on benefiting those in the tourism areas and remaining sensitive to any social or political issues that may be present. 

Ecotourism isn't just vacationing — it's a way to learn more about the world while keeping social and ecological awareness at the forefront of the trip. 

Thom Wells Explain Ecotourism's Impact on the Vacation Industry
A focus on sustainability makes ecotourism a smart choice for the environment. According to Thom Wells, it's important for those who lead ecotourism expeditions to carefully consider their impact on local communities. Thom Wells states that overly-toured areas can lead to interest in building hotels and other businesses to accommodate tourists, and these ventures may hurt the environment or the local community. 

Thom Wells states that it's important for both those who are interested in participating in ecotourism and those who are considering leading ecotours to carefully consider their impact on both the local people and the environment in the area. Adhering to social norms and providing tours in a way that either benefits or does not affect the local environment are vital parts of a successful ecotourism business, according to Thom Wells. 

As ecotourism continues to gain popularity, resorts and high-end hotels may find that vacationers are leaving in search of a more authentic experience. When done right, ecotourism can benefit both the environment and the economy of little-explored communities. 

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