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Calexit Founder to Run for California Governor Advocating National Divorce

Gubernatorial candidate Louis Marinelli at a press conference in Moscow

Louis Marinelli to be the first candidate in US history advocating for state secession through a "National Divorce" with the United States

Practically everyone is on board with National Divorce... except Gavin Newsom. He just wants to be president.”
— Louis Marinelli
FRESNO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2021 / -- California’s most prominent independence advocate confirmed today that he will challenge Gavin Newsom in the 2022 gubernatorial election in California. Calexit founder Louis Marinelli, who is making plans to return to the Golden State from his home in Russia where he has been building a house in the countryside and raising his daughter outside what he calls “political animosity and conflict in American society,” said Governor Newsom’s status quo campaign won’t stand a chance against a candidate advocating National Divorce.

“Gavin Newsom is the epitome of the status quo. Not only does he represent the continuation of one-party rule in Sacramento, which Californians are tired of, but he also thinks California should remain in its abusive relationship with the United States,” Marinelli said. “If you want one-party rule to continue, if you want California’s problems to continue getting worse, and if you want to stay in this forced marriage and broken relationship with the other states in this country, vote for Mr. Newsom. But if you want a fundamentally different future for California, one as a free and independent country with the ability to set its own course, to set its own policies, to determine its own future… my name is Louis Marinelli, I am the California Secessionist, a Bear Flagger, and I am running for governor to make all that possible by filing for divorce from the United States.”

The term “National Divorce” has gone viral in recent weeks as several public figures began expressing support for the idea on their social media platforms, receiving a surprisingly high amount of support from within their respective groups of followers. “Practically everyone is on board with National Divorce,” Marinelli said, explaining that Gavin Newsom is not because he has presidential ambitions.

“This is perhaps the last area where Americans from all sides of the political spectrum can find common ground. Over the past week, we’ve seen support for National Divorce from athletes, musicians, comedians, political commentators, politicians, and just regular everyday people from all sides of the political spectrum,” Marinelli said, pointing to Spike Cohen, the 2020 Libertarian candidate for Vice President who took to Twitter last week and did what Cohen himself never thought he would do: agree with liberal comedian Sarah K. Silverman on a political issue, namely, National Divorce.

“It is time for the factions within our society, the left and the right, to agree to disagree, split up the assets, and part ways peacefully,” Marinelli said.

Marinelli, 35, a Republican who ran for State Assembly in 2016 and maintains an address in Fresno, flirted with the idea of running in the gubernatorial recall election this past fall but ultimately declined to file his candidacy, saying he ran into issues getting a visitor visa for his wife, a Russian national, because the US Embassy in Moscow is not issuing visas to Russians as part of an ongoing sanctions war between Biden Administration and the Russian government.

With the regular elections occurring next year, Marinelli says he'll have more time to get his wife a visitor visa in time "to come back to California as a family" and campaign for governor. He said he plans to focus his campaign on California independence, a movement known around the world as Calexit. Marinelli believes a National Divorce between the states can actually help bring them closer together. “The reality is that the people of Texas and the people California, for example - I'm running for governor of California - but the people of the red states and blue states, in general, can get along better and develop friendly working relationships with one another "if we can all just get out of each other’s hair and stop interfering with each other’s domestic affairs," Marinelli said, adding that the people of California don't want Texans or Floridians telling them how to live, and vice versa.

Marinelli said he will also be releasing a detailed campaign platform to lay out his plans and solutions for California, which he said is not just limited to independence. "I have a plan on political reform to bring proportional representation to the State Legislature, I have a plans on police and criminal justice reforms, on healthcare and health freedoms, on reducing the negative impact of human civilization on our planet, on education, and on economic growth. These are not things Republicans normally talk about, but I am talking about them," Marinelli said, adding that the basic tenets of his platform are available on his campaign website at

“In the coming months, I’ll also be releasing an updated version of my book, California’s Future, which lays out the plan for how California can become an independent country, what the country of California would look like, what role it would play in the world, and most importantly, how it would better serve the people of California. That is what my campaign is about… when it comes down to it, independence means we’ll be able to achieve two things for the typical Californian: reduce the cost of living and increase the quality of life… and this updated version of my book, California’s Future, will go deeper into the platform upon which I run for governor, which of course, calls for a National Divorce from the United States of America.”

Louis Marinelli
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