Wise Agent CRM adds built-in power dialer in the latest communication integration for REALTORS®

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Wise Agent CRM adds Built-In Power Dialer in the latest communication integration for REALTORS®

This power dialer has been highly requested by our members, and I think they will be impressed with how easy we made it to use from within the CRM.”
— Brandon Wise, Wise Agent CEO
FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ, UNITED STATES, September 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Wise Agent has released a built-in power dialer, giving real estate agents the ability to simultaneously call multiple leads from their database, increasing prospecting efficiency and follow-up.

Powered by WAVV™, an industry leader in dialer business-to-client services, the built-in power dialer improves workflow for REALTORS® by integrating seamlessly with Wise Agent’s Contact Notes and Call List.

“I am very excited to announce WAVV as our newest integrated partner that brings a fully built-in power dialer to Wise Agent,” says Brandon. “This power dialer has been highly requested by our members, and I think they will be impressed with how easy we made it to use from within the CRM."

Wise Agent’s goal with the power dialer integration is to help real estate agents get through calls quickly and efficiently while never leaving their CRM platform.

“Picking up the phone and calling your database has always worked in real estate, and I have always said - conversations create clients,” explains Wise Agent CEO Brandon Wise. “Now more than ever before, many people are craving a conversation, so the timing of this addition to our CRM couldn't be better.”

Agents using the real estate power dialer have the flexibility to make calls through a mobile device or a computer for more accessibility and efficient note-taking.

The power dialer’s key automation features, such as recorded call-back and voicemail messages, allow real estate agents to complete multiple call sessions. With the added ability to record calls and track call history, Wise Agent members will have a comprehensive call history of prior conversations right within the CRM.

“Communication is more important now than ever before. Wise Agent’s new built-in power dialer is the most effective and efficient tool REALTORS® can use to speak with leads and contacts,” adds Spencer Harman, President of WAVV. “You can dial, update notes, listen to recordings, and more without having to go to a different tool… all of it lives inside of Wise Agent’s CRM. This is a no-brainer for successful REALTORS®.”

REALTORS® now have an easy, intuitive way to connect with contacts and leads while staying organized throughout the process.

Real estate professionals can find more information on Wise Agent's built-in power dialer powered by WAVV™ on Wise Agent's blog. To get started with a 14-Day Free Trial of Wise Agent CRM, visit www.wiseagent.com.

About Wise Agent: Wise Agent is a very powerful all-in-one real estate CRM platform combining contact management, lead automation, transaction management, and real estate marketing software. Wise Agent has built seamless partner integrations to numerous other leading real estate technology companies in the industry, allowing real estate professionals to run their entire business on one system. The result is Wise Agent helps REALTORS® become more efficient, allowing them to save time and take on more business.

About WAVV™: WAVV™ is an industry leader producing high-powered communications tools. The WAVV™ app is integrated within your platform using a set of javascript libraries that you can call. With just a few lines of code, the WAVV UI is loaded as a modular toolbar directly into your platform.

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