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How to Become a Director. Irfan Virji Weighs In

Irfan Virji, Director at Anar Packers Limited, Naushad Trading Co Ltd., and Mvita Oils Ltd

Irfan Virji, Director at Anar Packers Limited, Naushad Trading Co Ltd., and Mvita Oils Ltd

Irfan Virji explained how to become a Director

MOMBASA, KENYA, August 23, 2021 / -- A Director is a part of senior management. In some companies, directors run full departments or completely replace C-suite positions, says Irfan Virji. For instance, it’s very common for Creative Directors to be the highest authority overproduction in a marketing company. Your day-to-day duties will likely include supervising a team of people and steering them towards the completion of company goals. 

Many companies also have directors who sit on a Board of Directors, which oversee company finances, policies, and to whom th CEO or President answers. Depending on what type of director you’d like to be, you may or may not have an executive function within the company and/or voting rights on the board. 

Interested in a director position but you’re not sure how to obtain it? Irfan Virji, Director at Anar Packers Limited, Naushad Trading Co Ltd., and Mvita Oils Ltd., has some advice. 

Get a Degree If You Can Says Irfan Virji
While there are tracks to becoming a director in a successful company that can be achieved through work experience alone, it’s much easier to get that job with an advanced degree, says Irfan Virji. Many of the fields that employ directors are in finance, legal, marketing, and communications--all of which require a certain amount of schooling and experience. An MBA is especially attractive to companies that are hiring director positions. 

Continue Your Education With Professional Training
Whether you have a degree or not, there are many professional organizations and educational experiences that can boost your directorial resume. The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) for instance! Their program provides practical knowledge and experience that can really improve your leadership style and pump up your resume.

There are also organizations like Toast Masters and Six Sigma, which can help you overcome any experience or education gaps on your resume. Big names like these carry a lot of clout with recruiters and higher-ups in the organizations you’re applying with, says Irfan Virji. 

Develop Mentorship Relationships 
If you’re already working in the field you’re interested in, pursue mentorship relationships advises Irfan Virji. Whether that’s your company director or someone who held a similar position at a company you respect. Mentors can offer you real-life advice and perspective that’s just not obtainable elsewhere. They can guide you towards the right career moves and help you uncover and strengthen the leadership traits within.

The guiding voice of experience may also help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes your mentor fell prey to. Why learn the hard way when you could learn the smart way?

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