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Bimp Announces the Launch of Its Platform Positioning Game Streaming, Cryptocurrency, and Defi into One Ecosystem

SINGAPORE, Aug. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recently, Bimp has announced the launch of its platform positioning game streaming, cryptocurrency, and defi into one ecosystem.

​The beauty of game streaming and social media influencing is that it is always relevant to whatever game is popular in the market. Games may come and go, but Bimp promises to always be at the top, entertaining and allowing playing on all the latest games in the scene.

​Bimp is the ultimate use case of defi and blockchain technology. Bimp is a crypto project launched last July 2021, with the latest smart contract innovation, featuring non-rugpull mechanisms and daily BNB claim reward system, and the first-ever NFT money backed by real tokens. More than a meme coin project, Bimp is here to provide livelihood to esports players, and entertainment to communities and simps around the world.

How big is esports?

Esports is an industry that is growing at a rapid rate; according to Newzoo, a leading gaming and esports market analytics firm, the esports industry has grown to a $1.2 billion annual revenue industry. The growth of the esports industry has been nothing short of phenomenal. Recently, a new market has opened up with businesses that are focused on putting on esports events and tournaments for other gamers.

BIMP solves what lacks in the existing Esports tournaments

Currently, participating in esports tournaments is restrictive because of geographical limitations. People playing in the US cannot easily participate in-game tournaments organized in the other parts of the globe because of a lack of access to make payments and receive prizes originating from other countries. This is where blockchain technology and cryptocurrency come in.

Local and multinational esports tournaments organized by BIMP

Bimp is the organizing group behind several esports tournaments, building a network of gamers, streamers, shout casters, sponsors, and pooling of prize money. Bimp has made an impressive start by organizing tournaments that are fully enabled by the blockchain. These events give the participants an opportunity to join and receive rewards without having to share their personal information with the organizers.

Last July 24 and 28, BIMP held their first local CODM tournament, Royal Rumble, featuring pro male and female gamers from the Philippines. The finals on July 28 was shoutcasted by The Mustachio AJ, a celebrated Malaysian game streamer and video content creator in the CODM scene.

This was followed by another exhibition tournament, BIMP inBAESion, with elimination rounds happening from Aug 10-14, and the finals on Aug 17. This CODM tournament highlighted the strengths of the official ambassadors of BIMP: Maria Ursula, Hail Gaming, KIMY, and Clyde Gaming, and our newcomers, Avocajo, Alex Gaming, Gwen Plays and JVibe, Filipino game streamers, boasting a total following of 3.6 million!

The first esports tournament with The Mustachio AJ birthed a partnership with him to organize another CODM tournament, this time going multinational. Gamers from Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines are invited to join “The Maharajas of CODM BR”. The total prizepool is a whopping USD4,200, with the winning teams for the group stages to receive USD250. These group stages are to take place on Aug 18-19, Sep 8-9, and Sep 15-16. Grand finals is on Sept 24, making The Maharajas of CODM BR a month-long esports event! The BIMP team is currently perfecting their gaming dApp in time for this tournament, for both crypto holders and CODM enthusiasts to be able to place wagers on their favorite teams.

Esports entertainment and livelihood to game streamers

BIMP is not stopping here: the team is entering the talent agency and financial technology industries, providing sustainable career opportunities for game streamers and possible revenue streams for other crypto projects and esports businesses alike.

Career in social media influencing has been attracting many entrepreneurs and aspiring influencers. For game streamers, this sounds like a lucrative and enticing opportunity, but it comes with its own set of challenges. For some, streaming and being an influencer is a full-time job, but for others, it’s only a side hustle or passion project. The main reason streamers and influencers quit is because their personal venture doesn’t pay out to sustain their daily basic needs.

Bimp’s fintech-gaming model

The team is focused in solving the pain point of struggling streamers and startup brand advertisers by exposing game streamers to ready-to-pay crypto and game advertisers, and vice versa. Via Bimp Finance, advertisers will have a way to tap into hundreds of informal game streamers under a single platform.

Bimp Finance will give loan grants to eligible game streamers once they meet the minimum audience views, likes and shares the platform requires. Once ad placements are displayed on their stream channels, the performance on views and engagement will be measured in dollars and will be used to deduct the loan given.

Most active gamer influencers are expensive, and operate without agencies or management. Advertisers struggle to create their own analytics to measure ad performance they pay for. Bimp Finance comes in with technology based solutions, from registration portals, to the automated commission distribution through cryptocurrency, and real-time scorecard on social media performance.

A truly sustainable play-to-earn model

The vision of Bimp is to be the number one destination for both up-and-coming game influencers and gaming brand advertisers. There’s a ton of opportunity in aggregating these two markets. By creating a highly optimized platform that enables revenue generation from one side and high-performing advertisement ROI on the other end, this will entice more groups to join the Bimp play-to-earn movement.

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