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$LOCG Ferrum Staking Program The ‘MCW’s Rookie Of The Year Pool’

/EIN News/ -- Amsterdam, Netherlands, Aug. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blockchain-based NFT trading card game LegendsofCrypto (LOCGame) has announced the launch of its 3rd staking program in partnership with Orlando Magic’s Michael Carter-Williams & Ferrum

This will be the first of many exciting initiatives outlined in the roadmap between LOCGame and Michael Carter-Williams. 

The staking initiative comes in preparation for the launch of the game where players will be able to start collecting and building decks later this year. The starter decks consist of 20 cards which will come in the following rarities: Starter, Starter Prestige, and Starter Elite.

Players will be able to stake $LOCG tokens in order to get complete decks of varying rarity. Booster packs that contain 5 cards will also have the following tiers: Regular, Prestige, and Elite. These cards can be used interchangeably with the cards from your starter deck and combined with other booster packs to build the ultimate strategy for dominating the Grid!

Maturity Staking Rewards include: $LOCG, First edition starter pack, Starter Prestige pack, Starter Elite pack, Prestige Michael Carter Williams Boosters, Elite Michael Carter Williams Boosters, and a chance to win Epic Perks like Signed memorabilia and Game tickets.

To participate in the staking program, you need to hold your $LOCG tokens in a MetaMask wallet, and you will have to connect your MetaMask wallet to the Ferrum Network. You can also find more information on our site by visiting

Staking terms

Pool cap: 5M token cap, 90 days 5% APR + 1x Starter Pack, 180 days 15% APR++, minimum staking 400 LOCG.

About LegendsofCrypto

LegendsOfCrypto is a brand new NFT collectible and trading card game that runs on top of decentralized blockchain, supported by Ethereum and Matic Networks. 

The game is dedicated to the famous crypto industry and crypto-savvy characters, and its players who are allowed to win valuable tokens and NFT items, while card owners can earn rewards from prize pools. 

LegendsofCrypto also hosts LOCPOD. Its own media powerhouse dedicated to all topics Blockchain, NFT, and gaming with the very best guests in the industry.

About Michael Carter-Williams

Michael Carter-Williams is an American NBA basketball player for the Orlando Magic. In the 2013 - 2014 season of the NBA, Michael Carter-Williams was named Rookie of the Year.

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