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Irfan Virji Discusses How to Be a Better Business Leader

Irfan Virji, Founder of Distinct Energies and Director of Naushad Trading Co Ltd

Irfan Virji, Founder of Distinct Energies and Director of Naushad Trading Co Ltd

Great Leaders Inspire and Empower and Value Those Who Follow Them

MOMBASA, KENYA, August 16, 2021 / -- There are as many leadership styles as there are personalities, says Irfan Virji, Founder of Distinct Energies and Director of Naushad Trading Co Ltd. But there are some qualities that all great leaders share. Truly great leaders inspire and empower and value those who follow them. 

Want to become a stronger, better leader? Check out some of Virji’s favorite exercises and tips below. If you implement them in your everyday life, you should start to feel the difference in how people respond.

It Starts At the Top Says Irfan Virji
If you want to lead, you must lead by example, says Irfan Virji. You must exemplify the characteristics and ideals that you’re looking for in your employees. When you walk the walk, so to speak, your followers are able to see that it’s possible. You’re giving them an ideal to admire and follow. 

This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, says Virji. Even if that were possible, transparency is much more appealing and relatable for your employees than perfection. When you do experience a slip-up or have a bad day, just be honest about it and work to do better. 

For instance, if one of your company’s main tenets is “Positivity”, but you were very negative about new ideas in your last meeting, gather those who were present and apologize. “I’m sorry. I’ve been reflecting on our last meeting and I think I may have let my worry about the stakeholders’ opinions make me less open to new ideas. I want to work on being more positive Let’s discuss this again from a different angle.” 

This is also a great way to model humility, transparency, and vulnerability--qualities that all leaders should have, says Irfan Virji.

Listen More
Give your employees access to your time and attention. Providing your team with as much one-on-one time as possible keeps the lines of communication open and ensures that your team members feel valued. 

While many people in leadership roles are excellent communicators themselves, it’s even more important to be a good listener says Irfan Virji. Average leaders hire people to work underneath them. Great leaders surround themselves with capable people who know what they are doing--and listen to those people when they have something to say. 

It’s not possible to do everything yourself--especially if you’re running a very large team or company. So learn to trust and listen to the people you hired for the job. It makes them feel valued which motivates further excellence, and it ensures that you’re still in touch with everything that’s happening in the company. 

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