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Joe Griffin of Meridian Mississippi ramps up efforts to support those as the pandemic still leaves many in need

Joe Griffin ramps up efforts to support those around Meridian, MS as the pandemic still leaves many in need

MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI, USA, August 16, 2021 / -- It has been over a year since the pandemic broke out but still many people are suffering from its impact around the world. Aside from seeing a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases during the early phase of the pandemic, the implementation of restrictions and precautionary measures caused economies worldwide to significantly drop.

What occurred last year has revealed how unprepared the world was for such a crisis. During that time, people were mandated to stay in their homes to contain the virus and stop it from spreading while scientists and researchers studied the dreaded disease so they could develop a vaccine or a cure for it. As a result, many individuals lost their jobs and schools had to move to virtual learning to ensure the safety of students and staff.

Furthermore, just like in any other part of the country, families in Meridian, Mississippi suffered. Since there were no tourism activities allowed to drive people into the city, local business owners had no choice but to close or furlough and lay off some employees.

Seeing all these things happen in his local community, Principal Joe Griffin of Meridian High School knew that he had to do something to help others. Thus, he decided to find a way to further his support for nonprofits and charities that focus on helping those who were greatly affected by the pandemic.

Being a school leader and a Christian, Principal Joe believes that it is his duty to make sure that those in need are not neglected especially in times such as this. And because of what has been happening around the world, he wanted to encourage other leaders to use their power and influence to pool resources and volunteers to help nonprofit organizations in distributing aid to affected families around the city of Meridian, MS.

Even before the pandemic, he has been volunteering and giving yearly donations to the Salvation Army as his way of giving back to the community. He also supports this organization because its mission and vision are aligned with his beliefs. It is an initiative of the universal Christian Church whose goals are to reach those in need, preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to them, and support their human needs, practically and spiritually.

Every year, he makes sure to give away clothes to the Salvation Army. In addition to that, he also serves as a volunteer at local care stations.

Right now, Principal Joe uses his influence as an educator and leader to help mobilize nonprofits. He initiates coordination with care stations and the Salvation Army to help identify their needs. And from there, he connects them to proper organizations and contacts people from his network, including other Christians who have money and other resources to spare.

Apart from this, Joe calls on his friends and co-workers to join his cause. And as a leader in the education industry, he encourages his colleagues to join activities where they can share their knowledge by teaching out-of-school children and youth.

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