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Treasurer Magaziner Raises Awareness of Crime Victims Compensation Fund Amid Ongoing Summer Crime

General Treasurer Seth Magaziner today joined the Nonviolence Institute, Providence Police Captain Timothy O'Hara, Crime Victim Compensation Program recipient Nancy Camacho, program partners and community members in highlighting the Crime Victims Compensation Program, which provides support for Rhode Islanders who have been victims of violent crime. Given that crime tends to increase in summer months, the Treasurer and community partners believe this is an especially important time to educate the public about this vital resource.

"We want every Rhode Islander who is the victim of a violent act to know that this resource is here to help them through some of the most difficult times in their life," said General Treasurer Seth Magaziner. "Every summer, there is an increase in crime, and we work with community partners to provide victims with as much relief as possible.The financial impacts of violent crime on victims can be significant; we are asking everyone to help us spread awareness of this program so those burdens don't solely lie on the shoulders of those who experienced a traumatic event."

The Crime Victims Compensation Program is administered by the Office of the General Treasurer and helps hundreds of victims with up to $25,000 to meet medical costs, relocation expenses, lost wages, and other expenses related to the fallout of a violent act. In responding to reported crime, the Nonviolence Institute often facilitates the initial connection between the program and the victim.

"I want to thank Treasurer Magaziner for being a strong partner of the Nonviolence Institute in our mission to heal and make our communities safer," said Nonviolence Institute Executive Director Cedric Huntley. "While we have a lot of work to do to stop the violence we see during the summer, this resource has been a powerful tool to help victims recover from a difficult point in their lives."

Since taking office, the Treasurer has also worked to expand the Crime Victims Compensation Program to include children who witness crimes, Rhode Islanders who were victims of terrorism anywhere, and to allow victims additional time to report. This year, Treasurer Magaziner also successfully fought for increased funding for the program in the state's budget.

"While we are often the first responders on a scene, the work of the Crime Victims Compensation Program and our community partners is the next critical step to helping a community through the trauma of a violent crime," said Providence Police Captain Timothy O'Hara. "I commend them for their work and ask Rhode Islanders everywhere to share information about this program widely."

Victims, their loved ones, and witnesses of a crime can find more information on the Crime Victims Compensation Program, including how to apply for funding, at ? "Without the support I received from the Crime Victim Compensation Program, dealing with the death of my sons would have been so much harder," said Crime Victim Compensation Program recipient Nanci Camacho. "It doesn't change what happened, but it made the road ahead just a little easier."