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Werewolf Exchange Launches NFT Marketplace, Plans To Solve Liquidity Issues With a Traditional Approach

Werewolf Exchange

Werewolf Exchange launches an NFT Marketplace from its unique DeFi & NFT combined platform, following successive listings of its utility coin.

LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, August 5, 2021 / -- Werewolf Exchange a DeFi+NFT platform, has launched an NFT Marketplace integrated with cross-chain interoperability. The incorporation of the NFT feature will allow projects or artists/creators to raise funds through Werewolf's 30000+ community of enthusiasts.

Introducing Werewolf NFT Marketplace

Werewolf NFT Marketplace is built on Werewolf Exchange's DeFi and staking platform allowing popular and rising artists/creators to digitize their work in the form of a token and sell it. The platform offers different options to sell NFTs — Digitize and list NFTs for auction/direct selling or create an NFT Raffle competition. It mutually helps both the sellers and the buyers/collectors altogether.

“Following the success of our Werewolf NFTs and Werewolf Coin (WWC) listings on Latoken, Coinsbit, and Vindax Exchanges, we're now geared up towards a dedicated NFT marketplace where creative people can meet crypto enthusiasts.” It's a big moment for us because we are offering the benefits of fungibility and non-fungibility on one platform. Users can simply convert their Ethereum into WOLF tokens and buy Werewolf NFTs or sell their WOLF tokens to convert into Ethereum and buy any NFT listed on the platform, said Founder of Werewolf Exchange.

Solving Liquidity with Raffle Competition

One of the major flaws of NFT is its non-fungible nature hence it cannot be exchanged with any other NFT. Another drawback is finding the right buyer if a user plans to sell the NFT. This creates liquidity issues because not every buyer can spend $2000 for an NFT.

“We were aware of this very fact seeing some of the recently sold NFTs so we knew we had to give everybody a chance to get the NFT they want, and for that, we created a Raffle competition pool.”

The competition allows NFT holders to create a Raffle competition choosing the number of participants, the minimum amount for entry, and the result date. This lets sellers raise funds equivalent to the NFTs, and whoever wins gets the NFT at a fraction of the price. We see it as a WIn-Win for all.

Exciting Reward Program

Werewolf Exchange goes beyond NFTs. It has its Yield Farming protocol, Full moon pool. It mimics the calendar lunar cycle of the real world. Users can stake WOLF tokens that they purchased through IBCO and stake them in the staking pool to earn WWC as rewards. The rewards increase with every next moon pool. The obtained WWC can either be used to purchase Werewolf NFT Alpha or it can be traded.

About Werewolf Exchange

Werewolf harnesses the power of Blockchain to evolve cryptocurrency. Our ecosystem consists of decentralized finance-based apps such as Decentralized Exchange, Staking, Decentralized Asset Marketplace (NFTs and Werewolf Assets), Finance Gaming, and others to come. Werewolf Coin (WWC) is our Utility Token used as Governance Token in the Werewolf ecosystem and as an internal currency for the overall ecosystem.

Romi K.
Werewolf Exchange
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