How One 22-Year-Old Created Oklahoma’s Fastest Growing Social Media Management Agency

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Now with 100K Followers, Lubov Media Offers Month-To-Month Digital Marketing Solutions That Help Companies Launch, Grow, and Scale

EDMOND, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, July 23, 2021 / -- As the digital marketing world continues to rapidly change day-in and day-out, Oklahoma’s fastest growing social media management agency is helping businesses large and small launch, grow and scale their companies by sharing the same four techniques it used to garner more than 126K followers on its own Instagram account.

Founded by 22-year-old Marlik Bahija Depp, Lubov Media is a full-service month-to-month social media management agency that focuses on strategy, design, and content. Focused on working with the client to create and produce engaging posts that moves the meter for the brand, Lubov services are known to transform its client’s social media presence with high-quality content, daily activity, monitoring-engagement and increased followers.

With a range of packages available to clients from starter to expert that feature everything from social media consultations and audits to content creation, in-depth research, reporting and more, Lubov offers all-in-one solutions that directly impact a company’s bottom line. All packages can come with the option to have the team create custom content just for the business and those that refer new business opportunities to Lubov will receive a free month of service.

“What sets us apart from other competitors in our space is that we’re focused on transforming and growing businesses organically on all media platforms through analytical research, premium content and extensive audience research that results in driving massive results and followers to our clients,” said Depp. “We like to think of ourselves as trend trackers as were constantly updating and refreshing our approach to not only be in-line with but exceed industry standards on a daily basis. We’re cutting-edge, we are innovators, and we are problem solvers, but above all, we take managing social media off your to do list so you can focus your attention on scaling.”

So how does a 22-year-old run company manage to elevate the brand and garner attention from audiences with purchasing power? Marlik Bahjia Depp shares his top four strategies for social media mastery:

Step #1: Become One With the Brand - This seems like the simplest solution of them all, but companies would not believe how many social media management companies take on accounts they know nothing about. At Lubov, we immerse ourselves into your brand, understand its unique attributes and provide detailed audits of the social media channels to develop and execute a plan for action. This weeds out the negative energy that may underrooted in the client’s tone and voice and instead, we replace it with love compassion and eye-catching content that will resonate with their audience.

Step #2: Create a Strong Strategy – Once you understand what needs to be elevated within a social media presence, the next step is to act on it by creating a highly targeted strategy that encompasses the specific goals, key performance metrics and campaign ideas that will shape the direction of the channels. From taking a detailed approach to understand the exact audiences to target and when to creating a content calendar that syncs up with brand milestones, company announcements and glimpses inside company culture, Lubov takes social media strategy to the next level.

Step #3: It’s All About the Content – In the digital world we live in today, content is king and to compete with those out there that have already stepped up their game and are doing it well, you need to come up with fresh, engaging and completely original content that gives the audience you are targeting a reason to act now. From scheduling video shoots to capturing lifestyle and product photography, our team of highly skilled content creators work with our clients to showcase the ins and outs of their brand in a way that’s never been done before.

Step #4: Get Those Results – Now that the strategy is in place and is being carried out by compelling content that will garner the attention of new and familiar fans alike, the most important thing to do now is monitor the channels to get a better understanding of trends, top posts and overall sentiment of the account. This is where so many agencies fall flat. They put all of their attention in creating a strategy but when it comes time to pivot and tweak their content to meet the needs of their audiences, they don’t take the actionable steps to do it. From monitoring posts for any comments and engaging on behalf of the brand, Lubov presents clients with monthly performance reports to show exactly what’s happening on the channels. No surprises here.

“Good social media management is more than just posting frequently – it requires planning, impactful content and regular engagement. At Lubov, we have a professional and incredibly diverse team that collaborates to provide impressive visual content for your social media channels while monitoring performance and reporting on progress,” said Depp. “With our in-house capacity for photography, video, graphic design and copywriting, our team provides engaging and impressive content that helps you achieve your marketing goals. When people are on social media, they have an incredible amount of information vying for their attention. To keep people engaged with your brand, you need to be regularly supplying new visually and responding to requests for information about your business or organization. This right here is why we’re tried and trusted by some of the world’s leading brands and look forward to working with more here locally, nationally and globally in the near future.”

Lubov media is now accepting new clients from all over the world. For more information or to schedule a discovery consultation, visit To stay updated on the latest news and announcements from Lubov, be sure to follow along on social media at @lubovmedia.

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