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Hip Hop Artist Deveondi Says the Deck Stacked Against Him Forced Him to Create His Own Winning Hand

Deveondi New Single 'Please Answer Me' Album cover

Deveondi’s new single, ‘Please Answer Me’ is an anthem for fans in an environment that feels hopeless.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, July 23, 2021 / -- Violence, drugs, abandonment, and the inevitable jail cell are a few realities of a young black boy living “life in the projects during the 1990’s”.

“Many people that grew up like me are either dead or in jail. We knew, everyday that the deck was stacked against us, but for me I believed God had bigger plans for me. I still believe it today, because God allowed me to escape from the very environment designed to devour me. Sometimes I am still in disbelief of how far God has brought me”.

The hip hop star, Deveondi revealed to Media Music News that his high hope is for everyone to be inspired by his music and to actually use the message to create a better version of themselves.

“I looked at the hand that life had dealt me and said to myself, some way and some how I am going to make this work in my favor. At some point I stopped allowing the fact that my dad got caught up in the environment resulting in him abandoning us, and my mom not being there for me as she should have, is not an excuse for me to be okay with failing. I had to surround my ear gate and eye gate with things better than my environment. I knew life was better than what I was experiencing. I was correct.”

Deveondi’s new single, ‘Please Answer Me’ is an anthem for fans in an environment that feels hopeless. His music is an encouragement to change your deck and play to win. With hints of 90’s hip hop flow, this song serves as an answer to the endless questions that are present in a hopeless situation. As this song takes over the airwaves, it is a reminder that you can create your own winning hands amongst the chaos - whatever your’s may be.

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