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Who Are We and Why Are We Here? Author Teaches How to Unmask the Ego in New Book

Inspirational memoir to help you remember the truth inside you

Life is Just a Ride

Author of Life is Just a Ride

Jocelyne Grzela author

An inspirational memoir to help you create a map to remember the truth that is already inside you

Be in the moment, buckle up, and enjoy the ride”
— Jocelyne Grzela
OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 22, 2021 / -- An inspirational memoir to help readers unmask and eliminate the beliefs shaping their lives and create a map to better understand who they are and why they’re here. This is a practical guide for life as a human being, with real stories of life challenges. For those who are curious about finding the deeper meaning of life, author, Jocelyne Grzela, has published a memoir that will inspire the readers to find the answers within themselves.

Life is Just a Ride, by Jocelyne Grzela, produced by FriesenPress, teaches you how to be the observer of your life and how to have fun playing this game we call life by seeing through the illusion of the ego. It also explores the connection between emotions and illness, how to live in the moment and let go of judgment, and how to better understand the roles other characters play in your life story. With the practical methodologies and tools provided you will be able to free yourself from beliefs holding you back, so that you may live life as it was meant to be, a true heaven on earth.

When it comes to self-help and self-development, Life is Just a Ride is the rest of the story.

Life is Just a Ride by Jocelyne Grzela produced by FriesenPress, is available for order from most major online book retailers including the FriesenPress Bookstore and Amazon. The eBook is available for Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Nook, and GooglePlay.

About the Author
Jocelyne Grzela is a writer and author, living in Ottawa, Ontario. For several years, while she worked as a hypnotherapist in the United States, she conducted workshops on meditation, hypnosis, and reincarnation.

Jocelyne Grzela
Jocelyne Grzela
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Life is Just a Ride