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Thousands Demonstrate against Israel’s Destroying Ancient Graves and Totalitarian Crackdown on Orthodox Jews

protest 7.20.21

NY, UNITED STATES, July 21, 2021 / -- Thousands of black hatted Orthodox Jews took up today several blocks of the bustling Manhattan’s Second Avenue to participate in a demonstration organized by the Central Rabbinical Congress of USA and Canada. They called to end a recent totalitarian crackdown by the state of Israel on the Orthodox Jewish communities in Jerusalem, that culminated in throwing shock grenades on the community’s most respected torah giant and leader, Rabbi Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss, the 90 Years old Chief Rabbi of the Edah Haredith, the most recognized rabbinical court worldwide.

The personal attack against Rabbi Weiss, two weeks ago, happened when the 90 years old revered rabbi came to express his opposition to the destruction of ancient graves, from around the second temple area, in Gush Etzion. The unheard-of attack on such a leader, followed intensified totalitarian actions to suppress the voice of Ultra-Orthodox Jews. The efforts included night-time raids at residences, ransacking apartments and terrorizing women and young children, on fabricated charges.
Since its creation, the State of Israel, the state authorities showed a callous disregard to religious heritage sites, especially ancient graves that must be preserved in perpetuity. When Orthodox Jews spoke out against the destruction of graves, they were brutally silenced. This is in line with their attempts to diminish and root out religious Judaism.

The Israeli police’s targeting of this most respected leader, Rabbi Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss, the chief Rabbi of the Edah Haredith rabbinical court, is a new low in Israel’s crackdown and harassment of the Orthodox Jewish communities.

“This is an escalation in the State of Israel’s war on religion! This a new low in their war against the traditional Orthodox Jewry!” bemoaned Rabbi David Niederman, one of the speakers who addressed the crowd in English. His speech was frequently interrupted by the crowd chanting slogans directed against the Israel government. “Yes, we are fundamentally against the creation of a sovereign state of Israel which is forbidden by the Torah, but we have to wait for Messiah. Yet, this doesn’t deprive us from our rights. This doesn’t allow to beat and arrest us. This must stop.”

Organizers and participants expressed their determination to continue come out on the streets protest the state of Israel, if their demands aren’t met.
The demands include:
• The immediate return the remains that were excavated from these biblical-era graves;
• The restoration and preservation of the excavated site
• And Israel should end the brutal crackdown on Orthodox Jews in Israel and hold to account those who ordered and execute the attack on Chief Rabbi Weiss

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