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BIPOC Author Releases Poignant Book on Mental Health

Bipolar Disorder saved my life.

LAUREL, MISSISSIPPI, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2021 / -- For too many, being diagnosed with a severe mental illness is a death-sentence, but for Claire Ishi Ayetoro, the battle with mental illness has led to discoveries that improved her long-term life outlook.

She shares five ways that having a mental illness has changed her outlook on life:

1. Finding true meaning and purpose. “Finding true meaning and purpose was critical to understanding why the world needed me. I discovered that meaning and purpose were tied to more than being a good Christian or member of whatever religious system one may have been brought up into. It was about learning to love and accept every part of me and understanding that whatever I decided to do with my life was a valid choice. My existence and participation in life is as important as anyone else’s.”

2. Dropping out of the “rat race.” “There was a time when my mental illness made it impossible for me to work a steady job. At that time, success for me meant making at least a six figure salary and living on my own. I had to move back in with my parents, which was a major blow to my ego. Leaving my job helped me to eventually see that I didn’t have to subscribe to the majority opinion of success. Regaining my sanity became my trophy moment.”

3. Reaching your lowest point changes your life. “On my journey to mental health, I too considered suicide. I had a plan in place, but thankfully, I outlived that plan. Reaching my lowest point triggered something in me. It gave me the drive and determination to live the best life I could and to dream as big as I dared to dream.”

4. Understanding what is truly important. “There are things that on the surface seem to be important, but when you really ponder them, they aren’t so important at all. My perspective shifted on many things. Going to therapy helped this shift a great deal. Finding what was truly important tied in with having meaning and purpose in life. This gave me the stability I needed to keep moving forward.”

5. From “why me?” to “why not me?” “The fact is, everyone on this earth has things that they struggle with. No one gets to choose what struggle is bestowed upon them, but we all get to choose how we deal with that struggle. I chose to be the best version of myself that I can be while having a mental illness in hopes that I can inspire someone else on their journey.”

Claire has written a moving memoir that details her experiences with mental illness and the lessons she has learned along the way. Her memoir, "I Hear the Black Raven," is available on Amazon and GooglePlay. Visit for more information.

Claire Ishi Ayetoro
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