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The Rage of Achilles Offers a Thrilling Take on the Trojan War

The Rage of Achilles will be released August 3, 2021

The novel re-imagines Homer's Iliad as a gritty tale of warfare and the birth of self-consciousness

TULSA, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2021 / -- The Calliope Group, an independent publishing house in Tulsa, has announced its next title, The Rage of Achilles by Terence Hawkins, will be released and available everywhere on August 3rd.

The Rage of Achilles re-imagines the Iliad as a novel and a Trojan War that really happened. Though he adopts Homer’s characters, those fabled warriors are no more noble than the scared, tired grunts they command, exhausted and bitter after ten years of brutal Bronze Age warfare. And however savage the fighting, over all hangs the terrible truth that the objective of combat is not glory, but the enslavement of the defeated.

Emily Hauser, author of For the Most Beautiful, says “The Rage of Achilles . . . is Greek myth red in tooth and claw. Visceral and to-the-point, it grabs you and doesn't let go."

The realism of the novel extends to the gods themselves. Informed by Julian Jaynes’ groundbreaking theory of the bicameral mind—the basis of HBO’s “Westworld”—The Rage of Achilles takes place in a world in which the modern human consciousness struggles painfully to be born. The gods are only the hallucinations of men and women desperate to be told what to do in a terrifying and confusing existence.

Narrated in taut, elegant prose that captures both the Homeric lyric and military grit, The Rage of Achilles is a fast-moving take on literature’s foundational epic.

“We know what will happen to Achilles, and it can’t change,” says World Fantasy Award Winner, John Crowley, “but seen through Hawkins’ eyes, the story will be new and grippingly real to readers of this age.”

Terence Hawkins was born and raised in Uniontown, PA, a former coal-mining hub and seat of Fayette County. He received his bachelor’s degree from Yale University, and later graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School. He was the founding Director of the Yale Writers’ Conference and now manages the Company of Writers. Hawkins lives in Connecticut.

In naming his 2014 novel American Neolithic a Year’s Best Book, Kirkus Reviews called it “a towering work of speculative fiction that will have readers rethinking what it means to be human.”

Of his 2020 short story collection, Turing’s Graveyard – also a Kirkus Year’s Best – Booklist said: These thirteen powerful, well-crafted stories . . . have been aptly compared to “The Twilight Zone”: they offer a similar sense of dread and moral disquiet. These are tales of how things go wrong . . . Hawkins tells tales that fascinate him, and they provide a beautiful reading experience.”

The Rage of Achilles will be available from the, independent bookstores,, Amazon, and all major online book retailers.

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