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FoxishNews: The Fake News The Mainstream Fake News Won't Tell You, Has Been Freshly Launched

There's a new satirical kid on the block, and its name is FoxishNews.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 19, 2021 / -- Comedians have long held a mirror to society's many absurdities and shortcomings. Parody websites are built solely on this idea.

In 1996, The Onion brought that fight squarely to the internet. Since then, hundreds of websites and social media pages have employed similar satirical techniques to express dissatisfaction, challenge the status quo, poke fun at influential political figures and ideological opponents, or simply elicit a laugh.

The genius of satirical viral media is the handsome benefit received from its virality.

Enter Foxishnews.

As a direct parody of Fox News and the Fox News Cinematic Universe, freshly launched is uniquely positioned to cover the important stories of our time — the ones the mainstream fake news won't even touch, like…

● RUNNING OUT OF TIME: If We Don't Stop Climate Change NOW, We Will See Continued Rise Of Greta Thunberg
● HYPOCRITES!: Liberals Call For Gun Control Even Though Many Of Them Have Never Been Shot
● CAN YOU SPOT THE DIFFERENCE?: Anti-Masker Worries He'll Be Mistaken For A Fully Vaccinated Person Following CDC Guidelines
FoxishNews has the facts that even the fact-checkers can't handle (the ones the experts hate). But no modern news organization is complete without an Opinion section to give readers insights from some of the world's greatest thinkers with pieces like:
● If Global Warming Is Real, Then Why Is It Snowing In This Gorgeous Picture Of Donald Trump?
● LOGICAL PARADOX: If I'm Actually A Racist, Then Why Do I Hate Being Called Racist All The Time?
● HANNITY: Here's What I Say To Critics Who Claim Trump Can't Hold Me In The Air With His Legs And Pretend I'm An Airplane
You're probably asking the same question that every patriot has been asking for years: "But what about Benghazi?"
FoxishNews has you covered with an entire Benghazi section covering stories like:
● MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH: New Pharmaceutical Could Be Key To Helping Dementia Patients Remember Benghazi

And asking hard-hitting questions like:
● Did Jeffrey Epstein Forward Hillary Clinton's Benghazi Emails To Antifa?

News satire contains a greater purpose that draws attention to broader issues plaguing our society. A finely stamped disclaimer accompanies FoxishNews’ satirical nature to establish the intent of parody news.

It's time to make your only source of news. Learn more by visiting or by following FoxishNews on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

FOXISHNEWS is a parody website that covers stories taking place in the Fox News Cinematic Universe. As more and more people dive headfirst into the worldview created by Fox News and its spin-offs, the rest of us crave an outlet that pokes fun at this alternate reality. FoxishNews hopes to become the premier satirical take on the ins and outs of the always devolving right-wing media landscape. Visit

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