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Business Reporter: How retail marketers can take back control of their customer data

Data protection regulations create great opportunity for brands to engage directly with their customers

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 19, 2021 / -- In a Business Reporter video Richard Jones, Chief Marketing Officer at Cheetah Digital explains how GDPR and other data protection regulations turn the tables for retail marketers and create an opportunity for them to establish their own customer data bases at speed.

Customers' increasing awareness of cookies and how their data has been used without their consent is turning online marketing into a less prosperous business. The resulting gap can be filled by retail marketers, who, instead of trusting third parties with the task, can take back control of their customer data.

Although building a new data based from scratch is no easy task, a value exchange model, where customers' willingness to give away their personal data is enhanced with reward programs, can speed up the process considerably. Customers are encouraged to participate in quizzes, sweepstakes and other reward schemes, and in return, they are happy to provide their personal data, as they feel they aren't robbed of but rather asked for it in a transparent transaction.

With well-designed reward programmes building an extensive customer data base is just a matter of a few months.

Direct interaction with customers breeds trust and loyalty, and statistics show that the return on loyal customers is significantly higher than on one off or occasional purchases.

Customer engagement platforms such as Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite connect brands and their customers directly across multiple channels and provide the former with the opportunity to learn their clients and offer them products tailored to their individual needs.

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