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DoorFoto™ Enters Home Decor Space With World's Best Door Decoration

TAMPA, FL, USA, July 18, 2021 / -- DoorFoto™ is very proud to announce that we have done it. We have created the World's Best Door Decoration! That’s right Mrs. Anderson!! We did it!! It’s the Words Best!

DoorFoto™ makes this claim with total confidence because it truly is the best door decoration ever created. (Also, our legal representation told us we could say this because the claim falls under puffery.) “Puffery” is a purely subjective statement about a product that no reasonable person would believe is true. Examples: World’s best pizza. World’s best wings, serving the world’s best coffee, world’s best press release, world’s best door decoration. You get the idea.

A long time ago our Chief Storyteller Dan the Man, had Mrs. Anderson for 3rd-grade homeroom and she picked his idea for the homeroom door decoration contest. And you know what? They lost, badly. They came in 22nd out of 24 rooms. But today, we're here to tell you that Dan the Man never gave up Mrs. Anderson! Its teachers like you that inspire and believe in the children that make these moments possible as adults. And that’s no puffery!

DoorFoto™ is a trailblazing door decor company for every walk of life. DoorFoto™ was born in 2018 with a simple goal…to offer Tampa residents a unique, more vibrant, and stimulating option to decorate the doors of their homes during the Gasparilla Pirate Festival.

The Gasparilla Pirate Festival started in 1904, is a several-week-long celebration in Tampa, recognizing the mythical Spanish pirate legend, Jose Gaspar. Hundreds of thousands attend the parades and community events during this unique season, and there is an air of Tampa pride as residents decorate their homes and doors.

We soon realized that we had stumbled onto something special as any door can be decorated with any image, any time of the year, for any reason. This idea propelled Dan the Man to re-examine his spectacular failure in 3rd-grade with Mrs. Anderson. And out of that failure so many years ago, came triumph by achieving the prestigious World's Best Door Decoration moniker from our growing customer base of over 5,000+ door enthusiasts.

Thank you Mrs. Anderson!

Josh Christian
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