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Military.Finance's Tournament to Reward Call of Duty Players With a Million USD

/EIN News/ -- Miami, FL, July 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cryptocurrency and blockchain projects have a terrible reputation for promoting criminal activities, anarchy, and things that do not help us build a better society. Nothing is further from the truth, as shown by Military.Finance.

Military Finance is a blockchain project, fully decentralized and community-built, aiming to harness the power of cryptocurrencies to help military veterans through several activities and charities.

Among the project's activities, we can highlight operation "Surprise a Soldier." This admirable initiative enables the project's community to pick a soldier that hasn't seen his family for years. Then the soldier in question is surprised with a trip back home. Two soldiers have been thus reunited with their families so far, and the results have been nothing short of genuinely uplifting.

The Military Finance leadership has many other activities in the works, especially one set to start next September. It's been hailed as something massive, more significant than anything done so far, and it's created a lot of hype and speculation within the community.

The event in question is the world's first crypto-based Call of Duty tournament, offering its participants the chance to win a million USD.

The Call of Duty Tournament

The Call of Duty Tournament will be active for 13 months. A single winner will be able to win as much as 50.000 USD every month. After twelve winners are identified, a final tournament will take place in which every previous winner and semifinalist will participate. The winner of the final round will take home 400.000 USD.

So who can join the Tournament? That's the best part! Almost anybody can join. If you have 25 USD in $MIL (the project's own cryptocurrency available on Pancakeswap), you can play in the Tournament and compete to win thousands of dollars. 

The Tournament's Details

Full details about the Tournament's rules and regulations are still unknown because it's still a few months away. Hence, the organization is likely to keep publishing new details as the significant date approaches, but here's what we know so far: 

The competition will allow for the participation of teams, each needing to designate a team leader. The leader will command three other players. Once qualified, the team leader gets entered into a bracket, and opponents are randomly selected.

Qualifying by actively playing is an option. Every month the project will allow for two weeks in which users can play daily, compete against a randomly chosen opponent, and qualify for the Tournament by winning. The number of kills is what defines the winners.

Additionally, participants will be presented with a "Wild Card Option," in which a number of remaining teams will be randomly selected from a team pool. These lucky teams will have the chance to play in the final round. The more you play, the better the chance you have to be one of the lucky chosen players via the Wild Card Option.

The announcement blew everybody's mind within the community, which was to be expected given how enthusiastic the Military Finance members are and how popular Call of Duty is worldwide.

The Tournament will also bring additional attention to Military Finance, so the community is expected to grow because Tournament participants will discover the project's objectives and be invited to join.

Any avid Call of Duty player intrigued by this Military.Finance $1,000,000.00 USD Tournament should keep an eye out for new announcements made across their official social media channels, because further details are expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks before the Tournament begins.

Besides all of the constructive elements that the Tournament will bring to the table, the community's growth and the hype brought about by the Tournament is also expected to increase the $MIL token price and use cases, so that it will help Military.Finance to keep moving forward in its mission to help veterans in need.

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