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A company found out how to manage scars with a lotion for scars to help manage scar healing.

How does the best scar healing take place? We found that a massage-activated lotion for scars with a cleansing oil that soothes aggressed and fragile skin.

GREENSBORO , NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2021 / -- A Better way to manage scars? YES! ESTAS BEAUTY recommends either a morning massage and a lotion for scars, a Scar Serum or a Vitamin E & Primrose Scar Cleansing Oil to help manage scar healing. Lets learn why this method can help change the texture and vitality of your skin after having a scar or burn takes place.

So the real question is how should scar healing take place? Its always good to use a massage-activated scar cleansing oil that soothes aggressed and fragile skin. Using a nourishing cleanser keeps skin soft and supple. Its also important to encourage massage to help your scar to heal beautifully and bring back normality to your previously damaged skin. People with scars should definitely consider this method.

Using a massage lotion for scars is one of the most important components of scar healing, it helps to soften thick scar tissue and flatten your scar. We want our skin to maintain its normal texture. In order for your scar to heal beautifully, this nourishing cleansing oil should be massaged onto dry skin with strong, circular motions. The oil to milk texture cleanses without stripping or irritating the skin, clearing your scar of any harm causing pollution. Vitamin E and Evening Primrose are rich in antioxidants to help reduce inflammation, while soothing and calming aggressed fragile skin, leaving your scar clean, soft & supple.
Ideal for: New and old scars. Surgical scars, burn scars, everyday bumps & scrapes.
We do not recommend using lotion for scars or scar serum on open wounds. Its highly encouraged that any surgical scars and burns should be at least 4 weeks old before starting treatment. It is always recommended to first consult your doctor or surgeon if unsure.

Estas Beauty has been intimately involved in scar recovery for many years.

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