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Cannabis in Québec: 5 key facts from ROSE LifeScience President Davide Zaffin

Cannabis industry leader sheds light on QC regulations

MONTREAL, , QUEBEC, CANADA, July 16, 2021 / -- Davide Zaffino is the president and CEO of ROSE LifeScience, one of Québec’s premier cannabis producers and industry partners based in the community of Huntingdon, Québec. As a regulated industry expert in the province, he took the time to share five must-have points and some insight about consuming cannabis responsibly in the province.

Question: What’s the first thing anyone should consider before buying cannabis in Québec?

1. The legal age to purchase cannabis in Québec is 21.

Davide Zaffino: Always health and safety. At ROSE LifeScience we work closely with governments and all regulators to make sure standards and requirements are upheld. At the top of the list is health and safety. That’s the main reason why our age requirement is 21, even though the legal drinking age here is 18.


Question: Where can people purchase responsible cannabis in Québec?

2. You can only buy cannabis from the Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC).

Davide Zaffino: Unlike a lot of provinces, the provincial government oversees all the sales of responsible cannabis in Québec. Yes, it makes things a little different if you are visiting, but in the end, anybody purchasing cannabis at the SQDC can take solace in the fact their product will have surpassed higher standards. It’s important to also remember that if you purchase recreational cannabis from someone outside of the SQDC, you could be charged. When it comes to marketing, the SQDC helps the entire industry stay accountable by implementing strict regulations to ensure nothing is appealing to young people or cannabis use is not promoted in any way. Going back to health and safety...that’s so important.


Question: Are you allowed to drive under the influence of cannabis?

3. Being in a car after consuming cannabis is illegal — even if you're a passenger.

Davide Zaffino: Driving under the influence of THC is definitely illegal in Québec. Even if you're in a car but not driving, you're still not in the clear to use cannabis. Even if the car is parked, and even if the cannabis product in question is an edible. This regulation is a no-brainer for me and for everyone at ROSE. As soon as anyone is in their car, they immediately need to consider everyone on the road, in the community as well as themselves. Again: health and safety first.


Question: Can you consume cannabis in public in Québec?

4. Cannabis use in public places in Québec is prohibited.

Davide Zaffino: While you're welcome to use cannabis in the comfort of your own home, it is technically not permitted in public areas. By definition, public areas in Québec include terraces, walkways, bus stations, outdoor commercial spaces, etc. In our province, most people take pride in their communities and neighbourhoods -- especially when it comes to looking out for young people. In general, I believe Québecers try to be respectful of one another.


Question: Can you consume cannabis at home if you are renting in Québec?

5. Your landlord has the final say on whether you're allowed to use cannabis in your rented home.

Davide Zaffino: If you own your home, no problem, you're free to use cannabis as you please, inside or outside on your property. If you rent your home or live in a condo, the rules are a little bit different. Your lease may specify that you aren't allowed to consume cannabis on the premises. If you live in a condo, your condo board may prohibit you from smoking cannabis if doing so bothers other condo residents. Again, it’s about respecting others.

Question: Anything else to add?

Davide Zaffino: I guess, just to say that it’s good to ask questions and do research about using cannabis responsibly, no matter where you are. At the end of the day, any rules, regulations, standards or safety measures are in place for the best interest of everyone, not just consumers. It’s still a very new industry, and we all have a long way to go. But, so far, I think governments and cannabis businesses are doing a good job of working together for the same overall goals.

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