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Andre El-Mann of Fibra Uno celebrates 10 years on the Mexican Stock Exchange

Andre El-Mann

Andre El-Mann Arazi

Andre El-Mann

Fibra Uno

Andre El-Mann Arazi is the Director of Fibra Uno, the first and largest Mexican real estate trust who celebrated 10 years on the Mexican Stock Exchange.

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO, July 12, 2021 / -- On May 3rd, 2021, Fibra Uno (FUNO) celebrated ten years of trading on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV). It now has more than 600 properties in its portfolio including commercial, parks, and industrial real estate. Fibra Uno is the first and largest real estate investment trust in Mexico. The company focuses on the acquisition, operation, development, and sale of real estate properties.

Andre El-Mann Arazi is the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Fibra Uno since 2014. In a recent press release, Andre El-Mann shared that he is extremely proud of the achievements and progress of Fibra Uno at the ten-year mark. He is also pleased that the company has played in role in helping the Mexican economy. El-Mann Arzi looks forwards to faster growth in the future for Fibra Uno and Mexico.

Fibra Uno’s portfolio includes a diverse mix of real estate properties and projects offering investors a wide range of investment options. Fibra Uno’s property occupancy levels are one the best in the industry at 93.3%. Even with the economic downturn due to the pandemic, the occupancy rates were as high as 92.5% in the first quarter of 2021. The slight drop in occupancy rate was mostly seen in the industrial and office segment due to people working remotely during the pandemic.

With the vaccination policies helping turn the tide against the pandemic, Andre El-Mann expects the industry to gradually return to “normality” that should increase demand for rental and sales of properties. Maintaining an occupancy rate of about 90% during the pandemic indicates the commitment and expertise of Fibra Uno’s management to navigate the company through difficult times.

The value proposition of Fibra Uno to its investors is to offer solid financial structure, competitive prices, and diversification by location, segment, and clients. Fibra Uno's entry to the Mexican Stock Exchange in 2011 signaled the seriousness of the company and its vision to become a major real-estate player in the region. Investors of Fibra Uno are offered complete operational transparency and the latest information on their real estate investments. The listing of Fibra Uno on the Mexican Stock Exchange has been vital to the success of the company as it is has provided access to diversified returns and helped establish the trust of its investors.

The El-Mann Arazi family is at the helm of Fibra Uno and has been successful in navigating the company through different challenges including the impact of COVID-19 on the business. The El-Mann Arazi leadership team has considerable experience and expertise in the real-estate sector, making them an invaluable asset to Fibra Uno. According to the Deputy Director of Fibra Uno, Gonzola Robina, the El-Mann Arazi family has led from the front by setting an example of “professionalism, struggle, leadership, vision, passion”. Max El-Mann Arazi is part of the leadership group at Fibra Uno. Max El-Mann has been with the company since its inspection and has been instrumental in achieving validity for the Fibra Uno. The validity is an important part of the image and position of Fibra Uno in the market.

Gonzola believes the stability of investment in real estate makes it attractive to customers. He pointed out the Fibra Uno is so confident in real estate investment they are repurchasing their own certificates below their real value as the company believes these investments will continue to grow in the future.

One of the core objectives of the El-Mann Arazi family has been to support Mexico in the time of need. Fibra Uno has been investing in the Mexican market and plans to continue the growth in the future. According to El-Mann, it is “time to support the country, to invest in it, to generate employment”. While other companies might be holding on to their investment, Fibra Uno is not stopping and is prepared to advance on all their projects.

About Andre El-Mann Arazi

Andre El-Mann Arazi is a highly experienced and accomplished real estate professional with over 30 years of professional experience in commercial real estate. Andre El-Mann has been able to develop and implement business strategies that have helped companies adapt to changing market conditions and generate sustainable growth over the years. Andre El-Mann Arazi is not only focused on helping companies earn profit and grow, but he is also committed to helping the country of Mexico grow and prosper.

Andre El-Mann is also the co-founder of e-Group, one of the largest real estate groups in Mexico. E-Group specializes in raising capital for large-scale projects and the acquisition of key real estate properties. He serves on the board several high-profile companies including TechnoWise Group, PowerWide Holdings, Grupo Financiero Actinver, and all e-Group companies.

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