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Business Reporter: The economics of data movement

A shift from centralised cloud to hybrid storage architecture is imminent, survey shows

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 5, 2021 / -- In an Industry View piece on Business Reporter, John Morris, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Seagate Technology, a global data storage company, talks about how data is increasingly stored and processed close to where it’s generated – on users’ computers, IoT sensors, routers or local servers collectively referred to by experts as the edge. He also explains why the ability to easily move data applications and services between the edge and the cloud is key to achieving business success.

Following years of heated debate about whether the cloud or the edge will prevail, now it seems that businesses seek to have the best of both worlds resulting in a flexible and dynamic hybrid model. According to a survey commissioned by Seagate, by 2023 almost half of enterprises will have implemented some version of this hybrid storage architecture.

Data centricity pivotal to the effective management of mass data sprawling across cloud, edge and endpoint environments means having an awareness of which data sets are being pulled where, what is the most efficient path to move the data, and what helps application workloads run the best.

The resulting visibility and accessibility of data will positively impact application performance, reduce latency, curb or even eliminate egress fees that cloud providers charge to move data out of their clouds. Moreover, it can also improve a business’s compliance and security standards.

With the exponential growth of data that we capture through IoT censors and other connected devices, and a demand for low latency networks, sending petabytes rather than terabytes of data to the cloud is no longer viable.

Scalable, modular and vendor-agnostic mobile transportation of data solutions such as Lyve™ Mobile from Seagate® can eliminate network dependencies by enabling businesses to transfer mass-capacity data sets in a fast, secure, and cost-efficient manner.

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