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Project Apario Launches “Open Source Intelligence” (OSINT) Research Utility

Project Apario is an "Open Source Intelligence" (OSINT) research utility for declassified government records.

Project Apario is an "Open Source Intelligence" (OSINT) research utility for declassified government records.

Project Apario, an OSINT research social media utility was formed to increase the knowledge of its members and the public about declassified government records.

SIERRA VISTA, AZ, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2021 / -- Project Apario has officially launched in the United States to increase public awareness about declassified government records through this new social media platform. This OSINT research platform seeks to be decentralized and is currently censorship resistant as it does not rely on Amazon Web Services. Anyone can investigate both old and new mysteries, that were recently declassified but not easily accessible until Project Apario.

“In 2017 and 2018, the National Archives released over 54,000 records from the JFK Assassination era,” said Mr. Andrei Merlescu, a first-generation American immigrant from Romania, a survivor of Nicolea Ceausescu’s communist regime, and now the Director of Project Apario. Merlescu developed the platform single-handedly to make it easy to research the JFK Assassination Records, which the National Archives have not made this easily available. Apario is a novel social media platform, developed to be censorship resistant and enables public "record-oriented research" that takes advantage of big data technologies. "In the 1990s Congress voted to release the remainder of the JFK Assassination Records, and in 2021, the public still doesn’t know the full truth," Merlescu explained. "Project Apario has a powerful engine behind it that extracts the text of every document it processes, making it easier for users to access the truth." The algorithms index every phrase and word of significance and generates an intelligent and AI contributed set of tags that consist of dates, locations, names, and cryptonyms that, when used in conjunction with full text search and web/mobile-friendly renderings of the records truly gives the public a powerful OSINT research utility.

“One lesson is the need to view old questions with fresh eyes, to have the courage to look for answers in places we have never looked before…” said President Donald J. Trump on the March 25th, 2017 Presidential Weekly Address on YouTube. “To think in new ways because we have new information. Most of all, new discoveries remind us, that in America, anything is possible if we have the courage and wisdom to learn.”

President Trump hit the nail on the head in that address. “When President Trump said those words to me, I knew at once that this was my call to action. Growing up I was inspired by President John F. Kennedy when he declared ‘We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard,’ and when he was assassinated… everything changed in America it seemed,” said Andrei Merlescu. “When I saw what the National Archives did, essentially continuing the coverup of JFK’s Assassination, I knew I was presented with a unique opportunity to serve my country. President Kennedy said, ‘ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country’, Project Apario is what I can do for my country!”

Project Apario has launched a proof-of-concept beta version of the platform to provide the public a limited release of declassified US Government records for research. Project Apario has applied for 501(c)3 Tax Exemption Status with the IRS and is actively seeking contributions to enable a decentralized blockchain solution to replace the proof-of-concept being released today that enables a digital economy dedicated to the research and participation into public domain and declassified US Government records. Project Apario is currently in the process of researching and filing Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights on all our IP and Brand Development.

“Project Apario is a breath of fresh air for anyone who has ever tried researching the JFK Assassination Records only to discover that all 500,000+ pages were not searchable. With Project Apario, even the most classified secrets withheld from the public are easily discoverable when you search the term ‘Top Secret’,” said DJ Nicke, a collaborator and advocate of Project Apario. “Project Apario is a necessary tool for an informed democracy in the digital age.”
In 2020 a limited alpha release of the Project Apario platform was accessible to the public for 6 weeks and was receiving over 33,000 unique weekly visitors and had over 2,230 registered individuals who will be first in line to become Apario Members. Feedback provided during the alpha consistently resembled the following sentiments, “impressive talent on display” and “beyond groundbreaking”. Heather, a social media activist stated “If you want the truth and to follow a platform that gives you accurate information to get to the truth. It's your one stop shop.”

President Trump concluded his address by stating “I am confident that if Americans can achieve these things, there is no problem we cannot solve, there is no challenge we cannot meet, there is no aim that is too high… whatever it takes and however long it will be, we are nation of problem solvers, and the future belongs to us!”

About Project Apario
Project Apario was formed to increase the knowledge of its members and the public about declassified government records by research, studying, and involving its members in a decentralized and censorship resistant online platform. To participate and learn, visit our website today and join our Telegram group.

Mr. Merlescu, creator of Project Apario, has over a decade of professional experience in the Information Technology space working for companies like Cisco Systems, Teradata, and Oracle as a Senior Software Engineer. In 2020, Mr. Merlescu was laid off from Oracle and invested 6 months while unemployed during the pandemic to develop the underlying technology behind the Project Apario platform.

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