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Liability Practice Professional Raffi Kodikian Explains the Ecological Benefits of Electric Motorcycles

Riding a vehicle that produces no emissions is worth considering, according to Raffi Kodikian

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2021 / -- For people who see smoke pouring out of the exhaust pipes of motorcycles while out on the road, a motorcycle may not seem to be a very environmentally friendly vehicle. But while gas-powered bikes emit their fair share of pollution, Raffi Kodikian wants to promote the fact that electric motorcycles provide ecological benefits no one should ignore.

Kodikian serves as Vice President and Lawyers Professional Liability Practice Leader at the San Francisco, California-based Founders Professional. When he’s not working on insurance issues, Kodikian enjoys riding and keeping up with the latest in motorcycle technology developments.

Benefits of Riding Electric Motorcycles

First, an electric motorcycle is essentially the same as a conventional gas-fueled bike. Instead of using a gas tank, it relies on an electric battery.

And unlike electric bicycles, which provide power assistance to people still using their own leg muscles to pedal, electric motorcycles do all of the work in getting a person from point A to point B.

Raffi Kodikian is glad to point out to people who love getting out on the open road the many benefits of electric motorcycles, which include:

* Quieter than gas-powered motorcycles.
* An electric engine is easier to maintain than a gas engine.
* Easy to charge overnight, with no need to hunt for a gas station.
* No pollution emitted from the motorcycle’s tailpipe.
* Because they charge overnight during off-peak hours, there’s no need to build new power generating stations to fuel motorcycles at night.

Are Electric Motorcycles Ready for Prime Time?

One concern many individuals will have over switching to an electric motorcycle is whether this kind of transportation can be a suitable replacement for gas-powered motorcycles or cars. Raffi Kodikian was wondering about this and discovered that electric motorcycles can travel 40 miles to 100 miles on a charge.

Of course, that depends on the battery being topped off first, as noted by Big Green Purse. But still, this range will suffice for most people’s daily commute to and from work or school.

Going Even More Green

Not only are motorcycles being powered by electricity, but the materials that go into constructing them can also be eco-friendly too.

Raffi Kodikian noted that manufacturers are even experimenting with paint made from algae, and making the bike’s leather parts out of pineapple and kombucha, as pointed out by Interesting Engineering.

Raffi Kodikian Envisions More Individuals Caring for the Planet With Electric Motorcycles

With so many electric cars already out on the road and a myriad of charging stations to help keep people moving, Raffi Kodikian anticipates a day when electric motorcycles will outnumber the gas ones.

Eventually, as the world works its way off of fossil fuels, the gas-powered motorcycles will be humming along much more quietly, helping to reduce pollution and clear up our skies.

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