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Dr. Jay Feldman launches REX Fitness TV App, giving users free access to in-home training content

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2021 / -- REX Fitness was founded by Dr. Jay Feldman with the goal of improving the health, wellness and fitness of people from all backgrounds and income levels. In addition to his studies at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, he always maintained an interest in nutrition, exercise, and personal wellness. During his years of playing beach volleyball at the collegiate and professional level, he learned firsthand the importance of motivation through community. In the team environment, players have coaches and fellow teammates to push them to the next level. Jay Feldman wanted to find a way to bring those benefits and that spirit of camaraderie into people’s homes, especially of those who don’t typically have access to gyms because of location or prohibitive costs.

Feldman’s vision for REX Fitness has been to create a community of fitness enthusiasts and to offer crowd-sourced motivation free of charge. The REX Fitness TV App provides free access to in-home workout videos and training content. REX Fitness Club is a platform used to connect wellness devotees, and the REX home gym is an affordable, easy-to-use home gym system designed to complement the training and support offered by the community of REX Fitness members. By sharing what is working—nutrition tips, supplement advice, workouts, and more—REX helps motivate its members to help each other and keep themselves moving.

Feldman is an osteopathic physician and former professional beach volleyball player who left medicine so that he could help heal people before they become sick. Building community is a passion of his. The REX home gym system is a complete home gym that can be folded up and stored anywhere. With REX, users can perform over 100 workouts right from the comfort of their own living rooms. Whether the member is a competitive athlete or just trying to maintain their health, REX is for everyone.

Because Feldman and his fellow creators of the REX Fitness home gym are so confident in its effectiveness, they offer a 30-day risk free trial. If the user isn’t 100% satisfied, they can send it back for a refund or replacement. They also offer a one-year warranty with every home gym system. If anything happens to the unit, REX will take care of it. In addition to the affordable home gym system, they offer complimentary access to educational resources and training materials with every purchase. REX is committed to the fitness success of all its members. That is why it provides free unlimited access to its exclusive content that has been created by first-class trainers and fitness influencers. With the REX Fitness TV App, members can gain access to online training on their TVs, phones, tablets, and more!

REX is a total workout system that can be stored anywhere. With REX, the Resistance Multiplier, and the free training materials provided on the REX Fitness TV App, members can perform over 100 exercises that utilize every muscle of the body. Using just four resistance bands that are included with the system, anyone can enjoy an ideal workout. Each resistance band is made of 100% high-quality latex and is protected by a durable sleeve. Every piece has been carefully crafted for maximum comfort and durability. The REX Fitness TV App provides free educational workout content from top trainers and fellow REX members.

Dr. Jay Feldman’s various humanitarian efforts have garnered him attention over the years. He wished to help people of all backgrounds, especially those in underrepresented areas, to gain access to high quality food and workout equipment. As Feldman explained in a recent interview, “the most effective way for me to help the most people is through my business expertise.” Feldman has been active in creating opportunities for people to improve their health, wellness, and fitness. He has helped make healthy food available to people who lived in areas with limited access or limited funds. He has also helped others improve their fitness through his motivational outlets and positive approach to fitness and training. Jay Feldman has continually looked for new ventures and areas of opportunity to offer help. Having noticed that the fitness industry had overlooked a portion of the population, he went to work on creating not just the equipment a person needs to be successful but also the community resources to keep up the motivation.

The launch of the REX Fitness TV App was a natural next step in Dr. Jay Feldman’s continuing mission to help all people achieve good health and fitness. He has always believed that giving back to others, especially by helping them lead healthy and happy lives, is a key aspect of making the world a better place. Feldman pursued a career in medicine because he wanted to help people. He received his associate degree in Pre-Medicine from Florida Gulf Coast University, his Bachelor of Science in Pre-Medical Studies from the University of Florida, and his medical degree from the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, where he served as chapter president of the American Medical Association. He was named one of the Top Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020 by the International Business Times. Along the way, he also continued to foster his natural entrepreneurial spirit with the creation of multiple successful businesses.

While still in school, Feldman launched Instelite, a social media marketing agency that services top influencers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. His agency has helped over 2,500 clients around the world and has a network of over 20 million Instagram users. With fellow entrepreneur, Scott Bartnick, he co-founded Otter Public Relations, which works with clients from a wide range of industries, including technology, fitness, and e-commerce. Otter PR promotes its clients’ interests by delivering media placement with some of the world’s leading publications: The New York Times, HuffPost, CNBC, International Business Times, and many others.

Jay Feldman, DO created the Mentors Collective podcast as a platform for connecting people with the mentors they wish they had. It brings together some of the top names in entrepreneurship, healthcare, and media marketing, so that listeners can get pearls of wisdom from some of the brightest thinkers in the business world. In his ongoing work to combat food inequality, Feldman started Food Equality Corp, which helps increase access to high quality food for underserved communities. Through one of his companies, Dr. Jay Feldman also helped in the fight against Covid-19 by assisting Penta Prosthetics in donating masks all over the world. With the creation of REX Fitness, he has started the next chapter in his story of helping others through entrepreneurship.

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