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Kaos The Baker's New Summer Smash "She Want Me To Clean Her Credit, I Rather Swipe Her Debit"

Kaos The Baker Returns With New Summer Smash "She Want Me To Clean Her Credit, I Rather Swipe Her Debit"

CHARLOTTE, NC, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2021 / -- Written By Chris Aylward

I wrote about Kaos the Baker’s first song under his new alias back in March, and since then he’s released an entire album of material that includes and expands upon the sounds of ‘My Nubian Godd3ss’ in a number of ways.

The production lineup is absolutely stacked for this project. SadhuGold, Flls, ATLPromise & Pink Siifu are all contributors here, each contributing a signature production that allows Kaos to flesh out his raps to their fullest extent. ‘She Want Me To Clean Her Credit I Rather Swipe Her Debit’ sees Kaos peppering a Flls beat with fantastically zany vocals that culminate in a killer hook. The mutual beauty of the production is a treat for the ears, and it only gets better from here. ‘Stay Ready’ allows Kaos to make even greater strides with his rapping, giving Promise’s drizzly percussion a hard dose of lyrical wisdom.

There’s some shorter songs here that focus even more on the quality of Kaos’ rapping. ‘The Flows Is Lava’ is a mere minute and a half, touching on some personal topics as the Charlotte rapper seamlessly doubles the speed of his flow. ‘West Sugaw Creek’ places Kaos amongst those rappers that unleash truly wild performances on Sadhu beats, he raps like a rabid dog off a leash here. Although the album would surely have been just as good without any features, the appearance of close associate Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon is hardly a surprise and a welcome addition to ‘Winners Not Quitters’. The other feature is UnikFlow, who obliterates ‘Aaliyah Playing While I Rerock the Coke’.

The album concludes with two very Jah-Monte-esque song titles, the first of which is produced by Koncept Jack$on (he may have the most beautiful production on offer here) and the latter of which is produced by the man himself. The decision to have the aforementioned ‘My Nubian Godd3ss’ close the project was a smart one, as it leaves listeners with a familiar, near-nostalgic finale. This is a really good project, and certainly a very solid start to the next chapter of Kaos’ career.

--- Chris Aylward

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"She Want Me To Clean Her Credit I Rather Swipe Her Debit"