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Weekend Stock Trading on it's way to the United Kingdom that will have commission free stock trading.

The first web-based stock trading platform that allows investors to trade with other like minded investors in their own network.

N MYRTLE BEACH, SC, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2021 / -- Cross Trade selects Exchange Data International as the exclusive data supplier for the data of the new weekend trading platform coming to the United Kingdom. The objective of Cross Trade is simple: Empower both retail and institutional investors in a trading platform just for simple and basic order execution system. Many investors work during the course or the work week and don't have the opportunity to review an open order book like the big brokerage houses. Soon you will.

The Cross Trade platform is specifically design to allow investors direct access where they can buy and or sell stocks directly with other like minded investors during the course of the weekend or when the regular markets are closed. Information doesn't stop just because it's the weekend and retail investors are always second in line when it comes to the opening bell the next business day. Hence the movement towards Leave Wall Street Behind or a fair shot at an open order book or at least the opportunity to access this order book directly via the web or your cell phone.

Many investors work during the course of the week or have limited access to make or conduct trades or they get left behind in short. Now investors will be given a true opportunity to conduct transactions while their counterparts take the weekend off. Information doesn't stop just because it's the weekend and when Monday rolls around it seems the who who's have a tendency to fills it's orders long before the average retail investor is presented with what's left or after the elite have completed it's business of the day. Then maybe the average retail investor can get it's order filled or deal in what's left.

Never before as the retail investor has been presented with this opportunity to have the chance to jump ahead to the in crowd. Hence why we intent to Leave Wall Street Behind and the other streets as well.

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