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The ChristGEO Media Group Inc. Gives aspiring talents a chance at starting their own hosted show

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ChristGEO is taking open applications scouting for prospecting talents for talk shows

Glory Be To God”
— Len Lombardo
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, June 17, 2021 / -- The ChristGEO Media Group Inc. Gives aspiring talents a chance at starting their own hosted show

The ChristGEO™ Media Group Inc., a Christian entertainment and educational company announces today its plans to roll out its new pilot program for radio or TV shows.

The ChristGEO Pilot Program has been established to offer opportunities to aspiring Talents to act and perform as hosts on one of our many broadcasting channels.

ChristGEO is using this program to scout and prospect undiscovered creative minds to be ultimately part of our mainstream media outlets.

Individuals do not need to have an extensive hosting background to be considered.

Program Details:

Length of program: 52 weeks
Number of episodes: 52
Scheduled slot: TBD
Length of episodes: 30 minutes
Commercial slot size: 30 second
Commercial Quantity: 6 to 10
Actual Show Run Time: 25 to 27 minutes

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To establish a well thought out, interesting and interactive show and corresponding episodes. To incorporate Christ into our everyday lives through fun, educational and creative programming. Programming suitable for Christian & Non-Christian Audiences.

ChristGEO will direct the show host and fine tune the show and all relevant business components.

Areas of focus

- Show theme
- Show title
- Show ending style
- Show beginning intro
- Standard show number of participants
- Show boundaries
- Jingles if applicable
- Show marketing material
- Show advertisers packet
- Show photography
- Show graphic design
- Show editing
- Show production
- Show social media
- Show website
- Show audience interaction
- Show merchandise
- Show product promotions

The ChristGEO platform allows Christians to connect and surround themselves with like-minded individuals to clear their hearts and minds from trials and tribulations that exist in the world. The common goal at ChristGEO™ is to help others continue their pathway of Christian living through music, social interaction and education that’s entertaining. No one ever said that Christians have to be boring?

“Our vision is to remain the very best Christian multimedia broadcasting production and publishing company,” said ChristGEO Manager L.Jones. “We are an organization that is doing everything we can to expand Christianity. We want to be the go-to place for everyone to rely on for great, uplifting and entertaining events and education.”

Five core values remain intact: integrity, respect, transparency, collaboration and humanity, while continuing to be open, honest and accountable within our team and customers to provide fun enjoyable programming.

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