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Dr. Gregory Jantz discusses overcoming fear, stress, worry, panic and more with his latest book The Anxiety Reset

The Anxiety Reset: A Life-Changing Approach to Overcoming Fear, Stress, Worry, Panic Attacks, OCD and More by Dr. Gregory L. Jantz

The Anxiety Reset: A Life-Changing Approach to Overcoming Fear, Stress, Worry, Panic Attacks, OCD and More by Dr. Gregory L. Jantz

EDMONDS, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2021 / -- 40 million. That is the number of adults in the United States that are affected by anxiety disorders, according to Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA). However, most of them are not currently receiving treatment. The ADAA reports that fewer than 40% of those suffering receive treatment. Seeking treatment is often a painful and arduous task, one that can be highly discouraging. Dr. Gregory Jantz is an acclaimed mental health expert that has written the book The Anxiety Reset: A Life-Changing Approach to Overcoming Fear, Stress, Worry, Panic Attacks, OCD and More to bring joy and peace back into these millions of lives where it has long been depleted.

Anxiety can range from occasional to debilitating. Anxiety disorders have their own complex set of risk factors, including genetics, brain chemistry, personality, and life events. With The Anxiety Reset, readers can take heart that no matter the cause of their suffering, they will find the guidance needed to finally break free from the confines these disorders so often put them in.

Through a combination of the latest scientific research, real stories and practical strategies, The Anxiety Reset empowers its readers to understand and overcome the fears that hold them back. Dr. Jantz emancipates readers from their anxieties and does so through a personalized approach. Accomplishing a personalized approach, unique to each reader, is a nuanced undertaking, but Dr. Jantz does so beautifully in various ways. Firstly, he connects with readers with unmistakable tones of compassion throughout The Anxiety Reset. When a person pained with anxiety takes the courageous initial step to seek help, they deserve an empathetic response, and Dr. Jantz understands that completely. Next, The Anxiety Reset will help the reader understand more about themselves, including their specific anxiety type and triggers. Included in these triggers could also be hidden causes and catalysts of said anxiety. Further, in the personalized approach, the reader will learn about the pros and cons of meditation to determine whether it is right for them or not. All aforementioned parts will lead to the reader discovering how to get started on a personal anxiety reset plan.

About the Author

Dr. Gregory L. Jantz is a best-selling author, nationally certified eating disorder specialist, a state-certified chemical dependency counselor and a licensed mental health counselor. He founded The Center, A Place of HOPE, in 1984. His mission behind The Center is to provide a treatment facility based on the foundation of whole person care. Today, it is recognized as a Top 10 Facility for the Treatment of Depression. Dr. Jantz and his award-winning staff address the emotional, relational, physical and spiritual aspects of the healing process for men, women and adolescents. There are many areas in which the staff are experts, including but not limited to alcohol and drug addiction, anger management, anxiety and stress, Attention Deficit Disorder, co-dependency, depression, divorce and separation, eating disorders, emotional abuse, forgiveness, gambling addiction, grief and loss, guilt, internet addiction, marriage and family, ministry burnout, nutrition, parenting-child/adolescent, personal wellness, pornography addiction, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, sexual addiction, sexual or physical abuse, and technology addiction.

Dr. Jantz has shared his expertise in more than 2,000 interviews, including CNN, Fox News, The Dr. Phil Show and the 700 Club. He has written 38 self-help books based on his extensive one-on-one counseling experience. In addition to The Anxiety Reset, Dr. Jantz has written dozens of other titles aimed at helping his readers improve their everyday lives.

One of his best sellers is Healing the Scars of Addiction: Reclaiming Your Life and Moving into a Healthy Future in which he helps both those struggling with addiction and those who may have a loved one who is an addict to find hope and healing.
Healing the Scars of Childhood Abuse: Moving beyond the Past into a Healthy Future is another top selling book of Dr. Jantz. In this deeply emotional topic, Dr. Jantz lets survivors of childhood abuse know it is possible to become whole and happy again.

The Center a Place of Hope

The Center • A Place of HOPE is a licensed treatment facility that has been providing holistic, professional excellence in treatment and comprehensive care for depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, addiction and other life challenges since 1984. The vision is to be “A Place of Hope,” accomplished by providing “inspired healthcare” for restoring balance to the body, mind, and spirit. The Center • A Place of HOPE tailors its programs by providing specialized teams for every man and woman. Each person is ultimately responsible for their own personal recovery, from addictions and other life challenges, but the staff at The Center • A Place of HOPE is committed to sticking by the side of each and every person that enters a program with them and to stay with them each step of the way toward healing, recovery, and a return to happiness. They believe in a whole-person approach to treatment that integrates all aspects of a person’s life, including their emotional well-being, physical health, spiritual peace, relational happiness, intellectual growth, and nutritional vitality.

Dr. Gregory Jantz hopes that his new book The Anxiety Reset will bring a glimmer of hope to the millions affected by anxiety each year and lead them to finding their own personal anxiety reset plan. This title and his others can be found by visiting his Amazon page. For more information on The Center • A Place of HOPE, please visit

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