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Nina Lisicar’s newly released “What happened at Lake Tallulah?” a novel that focuses on friendship, love, and adventure

What Happened at Lake Tallulah?

This well-plotted novel from Nina Lisicar is a riveting account that talks about the young star-crossed lovers’ promising direction of their life’s endeavor.

UNITED STATES, June 11, 2021 / -- “What Happened at Lake Tallulah?”: An enthralling book that is designed to let the readers realize that the world is changing and they must also change along with it for a better future. “What Happened at Lake Tallulah?” is the creation of published author Nina Lisicar, a writer who traveled with her family to several historical ruins in Greece, Libya, Egypt, and Mexico. She combined her life experiences with the ancient alien theories to create a thrilling suspense and love story in the backdrop of extraterrestrial abductions.

Lisicar writes, “The book is about the young star-crossed lovers, Margaux and Byron, and their life experiences, including friendship, love, adventure, tragedy, extraterrestrial abductions and drama, and the mysterious events they encounter in their life’s journey along with a group of friends, Arnold, Romy, and Gerald. The ending is an unexpected surprise and culminates in an epiphany of life and a new promising direction in their future.”

Published by Book Vine Press, Lisicar’s new book is a compelling love story that challenges the readers to open their minds and explore other possibilities about the ancient astronaut theories’ origin and the purpose of the famous historical ruins across the globe.

The book also tackles the prophecies from the past that foretell phenomena that are supposed to happen in the present times. The author also hopes that as readers finish this book, they will develop a better perspective on complicated situations, including the Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and extraterrestrials that have been here for decades around the world.

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