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Twitter adds new Subscribe button to newsletter creative profiles

As the range of creative monetization tools continues to expand, Twitter is now adding another element to help newsletter creators, with a new, prominent ‘Subscribe’ button on their profiles, linked to his recently acquired Revue platform.

As you can see here, the new ‘Subscribe’ button, which will also display newsletter information, will appear below the main information panel, enabling users to easily sign up for a newsletter from an app. If you tap, users will also have the option to read a preview issue, or go through to the next phase, which will then see a confirmation email sent to the account linked to your Twitter profile is.

As explained by Revue:

“We want to give writers tools to make their growing, engaged Twitter audience into subscribers to newsletters. It will be available for Revue newsletters soon, so stay tuned.”

As noted, this is the latest in Twitter’s growing range of creative monetization tools, part of the platform’s broader growth and revenue ambitions, as it aims to 123 million more users over the next three years. Twitter is also working on ‘Super Follow‘creator-subscription-options, on-profile tilt and tickets Spaces, including new direct revenue generation projects for users.

But the profile addition here is more in line with the new Professional profile experiment, for which Twitter has already shared similar prototypes for additional business information on profiles.

It looks like the area under the main profile information panel will soon become a more prominent place for add-on information, with a newsletter subscription section, as in this new test, or additional business information of various kinds.

This will be a major shift for the platform, but because Twitter wants to expand its offering, it should include new elements to better showcase these add-on tools, and the small section below the main profile seems like a good option for this.

Although it will also depend on how many people click on your Twitter profile, as opposed to just your tweets in the mainstream. You can see for yourself how many profile visits you get in your Tweet analysis (via you Twitter Advertising Dashboard), and you’ll probably find that it’s not much, compared to your number and total tweet impressions.

This could cause a new flood of tweets asking people to check their profile, similar to the ‘link in bio’ call on Instagram, though Twitter probably also has similar ‘Subscribe’ buttons for newsletters in your tweet- options will add.

Either way, it will be a welcome addition for Revue creators, and you can expect to see more such additions to profile information on the platform in the near future.