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Guangzhou Doublle Bioproduct Co Announces Clinical Update and Partner Search for Adenolysin for Head and Neck Cancer

Guangzhou Doublle Bioproduct gives a clinical and commercial update on its Adenolysin gene therapy asset for head and neck cancer as its seeks global partners

Initial results from our Phase III study of gene therapy in head and neck cancer are encouraging. Adenolysin can bring profound improvement for treatment of cancer patients in this indication.”
— Dr Marilyn Zhou
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, June 10, 2021 / -- Guangzhou Doublle Bio-Product Co (“Doublle”), a Guangzhou, China-based company, announced that following a strategic review, it has appointed The Sage Group Inc to represent its Adenolysin gene therapy asset in a global search for commercial partners. Adenolysin is the first gene therapy product to reach a Phase III study in China.

Doublle also announced it will attend the BIO2021 Digital meeting from June 14-17, 2021, and welcomes interested companies to meet in the partnering sessions it will attend.

Adenolysin is a novel, late-stage gene therapy for treatment of head and neck cancer (exluding nasopharyngeal carcinoma). Adenolysin is a gene vector for intra-tumoral delivery of endostatin. Specifically, Adenolysin is a type 5 recombinant, replication-deficient, adenovirus vector carrying the human endostatin gene. Adenolysin can be used to directly introduce the gene into solid tumors and it continuously expresses the endostatin protein in host cells to limit vascularization for two weeks.

Intra-tumoral delivery of endostatin has been well known to inhibit tumor angiogenesis and prevent tumor cell growth. Adenolysin’s intra-tumoral delivery of recombinant endostatin yields higher bioavailability as evidenced by high plasma levels of endostatin for longer periods of time.

Adenolysin is a 1st in class cancer gene therapy combined with chemotherapy and other drugs.

Adenolysin is in a Phase III study at more than 20 centers and > 200 patients in China with late-stage head and neck excluding nasopharyngeal cancer. Results are due by the end of 2021 comparing chemotherapy alone (paclitaxel and cisplatin as the control) with chemotherapy plus Adenolysin as the active.

An interim Phase III analysis of 103 patients (76 active/27 control) shows Adenolysin achieved a statistically significant Overall Survival of p=0.043 in patients with multiple lesions and p=0.036 in patients with single lesions. This means that Adenolysin appears highly active and efficacious in treatment of head and neck cancer.

Doublle believes similar results and be achieved in the treatment of other tumor types including hepatocellular carcinoma, lung cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer.
Doublle operates a GMP manufacturing facility which is ICH, EMA, FDA regulation compliant.

Guangzhou Doublle seeks to collaborate with a development and commercialization partner for global or regional rights to Adenolysin outside of China.

Dr. Marilyn Zhou, CEO of Doublle, said “Initial results from patients recruited into our Phase III clinical study for patients with head and neck cancer (excluding nasopharyngeal) in China have been very encouraging in respect of improvement in overall survival, based on our interim results analysis. We expect final data readout later in 2021 and based on initial positive data in more than 100 patients, we have decided to appoint The Sage Group to seek global and/or regional partners for our Adenolysin asset. We believe that Adenolysin will bring profound improvement for global treatment of cancer patients in this indication”

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About Guangzhou Doublle Bioproduct Co
Guangzhou Doublle Bioproduct Co., Ltd. (“Doublle”) is an innovative biotechnology company headquartered at the International Business Incubator of Science Park in Guangzhou. Founded in May 2001 by a group of entrepreneurial returnees and led by a member of China’s 1000 Talents Program, Doublle focuses on discovering and developing innovative biologics with two Provincial Key Laboratories of anti-tumor drug research and development and a Municipal Key Laboratory focused on gene therapy.

Doublle has been a pioneer in anti-tumor gene therapy with 13 invention patents in China, 3 invention patents in USA and 7 invention patents in registration. And Doublle have built a rich product pipeline targeting gene therapy, oncology, and radiation protection.

Doublle has several lead product candidates including Adenolysin (E10A), E10B, E10D. Adenolysin is an innovative gene drug that is the first gene-based drug in a Phase III study in China.

Doublle also have other clinical stage assets including E10B and E10H. E10B is another gene therapy biologics and E10H is a cell therapy biologics.

Doublle believe the next generation of cancer treatment will utilize therapeutics both as gene therapy and in combination to attack multiple underlying mechanisms of cancer cell growth and survival

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