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Google launches new integration with WooCommerce to streamline e-commerce listings

As part of the ongoing expansion of its e-commerce offerings, Google did so today has launched a new integration with WooCommerce, which will make it easier for WooCommerce’s 4.4 million merchants to integrate their product inventory on Google’s various search and discovery surfaces.

As explained by Google:

“Making it easier for retailers working with partners like WooCommerce to integrate with Google Shopping features in Search, Shopping, Image Search and YouTube means retailers of all sizes have even more ways to be discovered. And the buyer will have even more choice if they make their shopping decisions. ‘

As outlined in the video, the integration will make it easier for WooCommerce merchants to upload their product catalog to Google, from where they can create free Google product listings and launch Google advertising campaigns, all from the WooCommerce dashboard.

Ecommerce, perfectly aligned with discovery, has become an important focal point for Google as it seeks to ward off competition for search and incorporate more use cases into its applications. Last month, Google released its new ‘Shopping chart‘,’ n AI-enhanced model that understands ‘an ever-changing set of products, vendors, brands and reviews’ and enables a more responsive, comprehensive in-store shopping experience.

Google has also announced a similar integration with Shopify, and with more than a billion shopping sessions now appearing in its applications every day, it makes sense for Google to lean on e-commerce and help connect its users with the most relevant, beneficial results.

Google also wants to activate the product image searches, similar to Pinterest’s Lens Instrument, while also developing new AR e-commerce display tools, among the various developing instruments.

Given the platform’s scope and ubiquity, it’s well placed to become a major destination for online shopping, so it’s important that retailers stay abreast of these updates to ensure they maximize exposure to people searching for their products. .

The new WooCommerce integration is now live – WooCommerce merchants can learn more about deployment here.