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New blockchain exceeds 1,600,000 TPS, makes massive leap in scalability and security

IronWeave blockchain logo and tagline

IronWeave logo and tagline

photo of David Iseminger, Upheaval founder and CEO

David Iseminger, Upheaval Founder and CEO

IronWeave logo

IronWeave logo

IronWeave surpasses 1,600,000 transactions per second (TPS) with its new patented shared-block architecture, creating a breakthrough for enterprise blockchains

The vision of blockchain’s impact has long been imagined, often written about, but elusive. With IronWeave’s breakthroughs in scalability and security, we believe that vision can finally be delivered.”
— David Iseminger, Founder and CEO, Upheaval LLC
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, June 10, 2021 / -- Upheaval LLC today released the most scalable blockchain platform in the world – IronWeave – exceeding 1,600,000 transactions per second (TPS). Its unique and patented shared-block architecture allows unlimited individual blockchains, weaving participating chains together with a shared block whenever an interaction occurs between two or more participants. IronWeave’s multi-dimensional architecture provides many capabilities that monolithic blockchains don’t offer: custom block types and sizes, block categories, individual block encryption, BYOK (bring your own encryption key), custom partnerships, real-time interactions, analytics, simple deployment, and many others. IronWeave is available today, offering a collection of enterprise solutions that include the following: credentials management, IoT integration, supply chain logistics, digital health platform capability, secure storage, energy solutions, finance and fintech, regulatory compliance frameworks, data residency solutions, custom blockchain development, among others described at

IronWeave was developed over the course of three years, from scratch, focusing on the needs of enterprises, government entities and large organizations. “We believed IronWeave needed to build upon modern computing advances, such as a holistic data fabric environment, cloud-scale, network effects, and high performance, rather than reverting to data silos and fragmentation,” said David Iseminger, founder and CEO of Upheaval. “We knew any transformational blockchain would require new levels of scalability and security, which we believe are key to driving widespread enterprise blockchain adoption. So we designed and built IronWeave to exceed what is expected of blockchain, in multiple ways.”

IronWeave is designed for more than transactions, and refers to its events as interactions. “An IoT device that reports status, or an event such as temperature change or address update is an interaction, rather than a transaction,” said Iseminger. “The world operates on an increasingly complex flow of interactions. Enabling interactions of any size, frequency, or category makes our blockchain applications much broader, and more valuable to companies. Encrypting those interactions, with selective ways to share the data, will make modern enterprises more agile, more secure, and more effective.” With IronWeave’s custom blocks and categories, such interactions can apply to medical procedures or imaging like MRIs or X-rays, insurance billing, energy sector transmissions, as well as financial transactions or contracts. Each could be a custom block type or category, submitted as a single shared-block or an aggregation.

Organizations using IronWeave do not need cryptocurrencies to participate; IronWeave is based on a straightforward solution and subscription model.

Upheaval runs multiple Managed Nodes throughout the Internet, alleviating maintenance, security concerns, and dependence on outside untrusted node providers, while also ensuring geographical diversity and turn-key deployment for enterprise customers and organizations. The IronWeave platform is cloud-provider and datacenter agnostic, enabling nimble expansion, provider diversity, and the ability to quickly scale to the needs of its partners and customers. IronWeave is also programming language agnostic, allowing custom development on IronWeave using any modern programming language.

The shared-block architecture of IronWeave, and other associated novel innovations, were awarded a patent earlier this year. “We’ve been quietly and fervently working to finish IronWeave so we could bring it to release. With our patent granted, along with the completion of our development process, everything came together at the right time.”

Many reports measure the market for blockchain, and the disruptive impact it will have. According to an April 2021 report from KBV Research, the Global Blockchain Technology Market size is expected to reach $72 billion by 2026, with a market growth of 51.8% CAGR during that period. In Gartner’s digital disruption profiles, analysts forecast that the business value generated by blockchain will reach $176 billion by 2025, and $3.1 trillion by 2030. And in Deloitte’s 2020 Global Blockchain Survey, 86% of executive teams surveyed believe there’s a compelling business case for blockchain technology within their organization, and 55% consider it a critical, top-5 priority for their company.

“We’re enthusiastic about IronWeave, and how it will protect and modernize organizations across industries, of any size,” Iseminger said. “The vision of blockchain’s impact has long been imagined, often written about, but elusive. With IronWeave’s breakthroughs in scalability and security, we believe that vision can finally be delivered.”

Details about IronWeave and its technology and solutions are available at Customers interested in learning more, or partnering on solutions can visit the website for more depth, including a contact form to discuss specifics. Media inquiries can be submitted using the dedicated Media Inquiries form on the website. Investors interested in learning more about Upheaval and IronWeave will also find an Investment Inquiries form on the site, where they can submit specific questions or interest.


Upheaval LLC was formed in 2017 and is the creator of IronWeave, the multi-dimensional blockchain platform running on its patented, shared-block architecture, creating a holistic blockchain data fabric. Upheaval has decades of expertise in global-scale enterprise software, networks and networking, protocols, and IoT implementations. Learn more at

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