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Rhode Island Solar Assessments Being Completed for Free by United Better Homes

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United Better Homes is excited to announce their availability to do assessments for solar power in Rhode Island at no cost.

CENTRAL FALL, RHODE ISLAND, UNITED STATES, June 9, 2021 / -- The qualified, licensed, and insured professionals at United Better Homes are currently taking appointments for those curious about receiving a solar power evaluation at their residential or commercial property location. They are one of the few solar companies in Rhode Island, and the only one that offers this service at no cost.

There are currently several different options for free solar panels in Rhode Island through various tax incentive programs, solar rebates, and other financing options. During the complimentary solar evaluation, the solar installers from United Better Homes will review, detail, and outline every aspect of making a solar conversion at that specific property, including pricing and time for completion.

"Now is the time to make the switch to solar in Rhode Island and around the country. We've seen a demand increase recently that we've never experienced before. People are excited to take advantage of the financial freedom that comes from switching to solar energy. We suggest that anyone who is paying too much for electricity and other energy talks with us about how much can be saved with a minor initial investment." The owner and operator of United Better Home stated.

Estimates state that solar energy conversions lower carbon emissions for a healthier environment and provide significant savings for property owners. On average, after 20 years of solar energy being consumed, people save anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000. However, the exact amount is only determined through a customized calculation.

The crew is highly trained in preparing accurate solar assessments. It's a specialized service that not every general contractor is capable of performing. Everything must be considered, and this is one of the most respected solar companies in Rhode Island, based on their honest and fair estimations. The property location, sun exposure, and current amount of energy being consumed are all part of the equation. If the solar installers don't believe the home or business will provide what's required, they will let the individual know right away. Customer care and satisfaction are most important at United Better Homes.

One of the solar technicians said, "We've seen some pretty dishonest solar companies in Rhode Island in our time in this industry. They don't really care if you get what you need out of your solar energy. After they charge for the solar panels, labor, and any other related expenses, they're on their way to the next job with their money. We've heard the stories from our customers who nearly gave up on solar power after experiencing what shady solar companies are up to. But, solar is the future, and we promise each of our clients the best services in New England."

Suppose during the free solar assessment in Rhode Island it's determined that a property is a good candidate for solar energy. In that case, United Better Homes provides customized information on everything from the amount of solar energy that's capable of being harnessed to what it's going to take to make it happen. Moreover, they offer these free estimates with no obligation. So anyone worried about being harassed to commit to a solar project doesn't have to be concerned with annoying salespeople.

The lawmakers in Massachusetts stated that they expect all energy will be renewable by the year 2035. With that being recorded, the current solar energy rebates, tax credits, and other incentives will likely run out before then. Those that want free solar panels in Rhode Island need to move quickly to take advantage of what's out there. The rate of the rebate offered by the federal government has already decreased over just the past few years. The more homeowner's and business operators cash in on the opportunity, the less money there will be to go around as time goes on.

United Better Homes knows how fast something like this can change. So they are strongly encouraging people to get their complimentary assessment appointment scheduled before the interest is so high that they can no longer keep up. After making this special offer available just a few weeks ago, they have seen an enormous jump in the appointment books, and they're anxious to get out and share their solar services with the community. The solar company is locally owned and operated, and they offer financing options to anyone interested.

If you're curious to learn more about the Rhode Island solar assessments being given for free by United Better Homes, you're asked to visit their new, user-friendly website. There are specific details on the Rhode Island solar projects they've successfully completed there. You can also utilize the convenient online scheduling form found there to set up an appointment. Questions are also taken over the phone at 401-274-0111.

About United Better Homes

United Better Homes is a solar company in Rhode Island founded back in 2003. The Rhode Island solar company is family-owned and operated and fully licensed and insured. As a full-service home contracting business, the qualified specialists working at United Better homes can make renovations and improvements in several categories. They offer expert installations and top-notch products for windows, doors, roofing, siding, and solar energy conversions. Anyone in Rhode Island or Massachusetts looking to build a relationship with a dedicated team of home improvement technicians are urged to reach out to United Better Homes today. They have a customer service representative available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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