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Pentest7 launching a unique data protection service to prevent accidental data leaks

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UNITED STATES, June 9, 2021 / -- Cybersecurity startup Pentest7 has launched a new service called data protection service that focuses on accidental data leaks. Pentest7 might be the first to launch such a dedicated service for data leaks.

Jabin, Founder at Pentest7 said that companies all around the globe are losing millions in revenue because of data breaches and it is high time we focus on a service that eliminates such risks for companies.

Jabin adds "It is quite common to see companies sharing sensitive information of users with other third parties and such data sharing could be the main reason behind data leaks, Do you know where these data are getting stored or how are they getting transmitted?"

"Most of the companies think that they are only sharing publicly available information with third parties but honestly that never happens. During my bug bounty times, I reported such vulnerabilities where sensitive data was getting shared with third-party services including user's email address, phone number, and exact location. And some companies were leaking payment information to these third-party services."

"One of these incidents can easily lead to a massive data breach and that's why Pentest7 had to come up with this unique service where we will sweep through the applications or websites to find out any leaks also help companies with strong security policy and compliance"

It’s a very exciting space to be in as Pentest7 redefining the data protection of users. Jabin and his partner Morris thinks that Pentest7 will soon become one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity company in the market because of its unique services like this.

Jev Bezos