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Our mission is simple. We want to make the world a safer and warmer place for all the underprivileged individuals without basic human necessities.”
— Mr. Alan Kachar
TORONTO, CANADA, June 9, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- HomeCoin, a charity-oriented token focused on decreasing the rate of homelessness around the world, announces its global launch.

Cryptocurrencies continue their surge in popularity, with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum rising to all-time highs and attracting attention from investors all over the world.

Introducing HomeCoin, as the latest cryptocurrency and with the price going up approximately 1000% in just a couple weeks, Mr. Alan Kachar, the CEO and Founder stated that: “Our mission is simple. We want to make the world a safer and warmer place for all the underprivileged individuals without basic human necessities. 150 million individuals are homeless worldwide in addition to the approximate 2 billion who lack adequate housing. Within our coin, there’s a charity wallet that holds 2.5% of the total supply, allowing the developers to donate on a weekly basis. As the project scales, the charity wallet increases in value, with potential for the wallet to hit hundreds of thousands, if not millions, as HomeCoin progresses.”

HomeCoin is a high-yield, liquidity generating protocol on the Binance Smart Chain network. It is a decentralized finance (DeFi) token, meaning it exists within an alternative financial system, enabling peer-to-peer networks free of intervention with centralized systems such as banks or government entities. Like other digital currencies, it operates on a block chain.

Despite only launching in May, HomeCoin continues to attract individuals alike, with over 4500 holders and counting in a short period of time.

Founded by three young, ambitious entrepreneurs in Toronto, with a vision of decreasing the rate of homelessness globally, through weekly donations and personal initiatives, HomeCoin is a two-stop shop. Investors can strive for financial freedom while contributing to a cause that seems to be disregarded and not fully attended to. Starting in Toronto, where homelessness is a prevalent issue, the developers hope to one day address the cause on a global scale, assisting those in other heavily populated areas with large homeless populations such as New York, Los Angeles, as well as European and Asian cities.

The founders have taken matters into their own hands, already performing initiatives for the homeless to further help those who are less privileged. To this date, they have already housed a homeless individual granting him with food, water, and necessities such as toiletries. He is now staying in a lovely 1-person room, with a shower, TV and other amenities. “Homeless but not hopeless, you guys don’t understand what this did for me. You saved my life.”. A touching quote showing the true importance of altruism, and a perfect display of what HomeCoin is striving to achieve.

Below is their Website with How To Buy, their Telegram group, and their YouTube Video.

About HomeCoin:
Although the process of purchasing seems daunting through the lens of a first-time investor, it is rather straightforward. To buy HomeCoin, investors must set up a cryptocurrency wallet through an exchange of their choosing. One must then buy BNB, Binance’s cryptocurrency, which can be subsequently exchanged for HomeCoin. An in-depth explanation can be found on the website at https://thehomecoin.co

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