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WIMI Hologram Cloud Helps to Upgrade the Online Entertainment Mode of Generation Z

/EIN News/ -- HONG KONG, June 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tailor Insight, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report "WIMI Hologram Cloud Helps to Upgrade the Online Entertainment Mode of Generation Z". At the Brit Awards in February 2020, Dave sang "Black" by piano with Glass-free 3D real-time tracking technology, which sparked buzz in the industry; in May, the stage art and effect of "Daisies" by Katy Perry in the American Idol final exploded in the Internet; in June 2020, the opening show of the OPPO Reno4 launch event in China, which used immersive AR technology; in March 2021, Chinese popular girl group THE9 held X-City XR immersive virtual concert online by iQIYI, an innovative, market-leading online entertainment service in China. These concerts combine different themes of visual creative design through the virtual reality, bringing the audience an unparalleled immersive concert that will make the audience enjoy themselves greatly.

Along with the accelerated growth of technology, the way of entertainment in China has begun its reform. In addition, the visual effects of the pan-entertainment programs which are trying to follow the Generation Z have also changed drastically. In fact, these pan-entertainment concerts are an attempt to create the most suitable online entertainment content for Gen Z audiences. The current online entertainment mode has evolved. It focuses not only on the quality of the contents provided, but also on the ability to interact and communicate with the audiences. In other words, the current online entertainment mode needs to allow the audiences to interact with the contents and each other, and achieve the leap development of the pan-new entertainment content from form to digital postproduction.

More and more people in the industry begin to think: what kind of entertainment contents do Gen Z audiences need under the new form of entertainment consumption? What exactly can satisfy them? Let's talk about it briefly today.

In fact, Generation Z, usually referred to as the youth group after the Millennials (Gen Y), is a specific group. They are well versed in digital technology and have been greatly influenced by the Internet, instant messaging and social media. People who were born between 1995 and 2010 are sometimes referred to as the "post-95s" and the "post-95s" can be collectively referred to as Generation Z. Nowadays, China's consumer population is mainly the post-90s and post-00s, and the influence of the growth of Generation Z on the consumer market is increasingly prominent.

Due to the characteristics of the era in which Generation Z was born and grew up, and benefiting from the Internet as a matter of course, they have long learned to filter out the boring and useless content. At the same time, with the help of the global Internet, they can form their own opinions. From the perspective of Gen Z consumers, sticking to their heart and enjoying themselves are the core of consumption. Therefore, Gen Z consumers pursue the consumption of socialization, Stratification with a sense of immersion and value.

More and more Gen Z consumers are keen to buy the things they want, not the expensive commodity, on account that they no longer unilaterally pursue high prices. Accordingly, on the basis of the consumption characteristics of Generation Z, these emerging young users of online entertainment focus not only on watching the content itself, but also on additional experience provided by entertainment platforms that consumers used to place less importance on, such as interactive ability and experience ability. Generation Z has distinctive and various preferences, high standards and diverse aesthetic needs for entertainment contents. Besides being interested in the video contents and expressing their opinions, what Gen Z values more is the pleasure of their own mood.

From this point of view, the direction of market content creation has to bring out new changes to meet the consumption behaviors of the picky Gen Z users. High-standard and diversified needs will prompt new creations in the entertainment market, and the evolution of various technologies will also expand the means of expression available to content creators, offering unlimited possibilities for creators and platform users. By virtue of basic technological capabilities, like 5G, AI and cloud computing, technological innovation will support the reconfiguration of industry rules.

For this, WIMI Hologram chooses to adopt high-tech holographic AR technology standards to empower the entertainment industry. Focusing on computer vision holographic cloud services, WIMI Hologram is a holographic cloud platform with potential and international influence. It has made significant breakthroughs and leaps in the field of holographic applications such as advertising, entertainment, education and 5G communication, covering multiple sections of holographic AR technology such as holographic AR entertainment technology, holographic onboard AR technology, 3D holographic pulse LiDAR technology, holographic visual semiconductor technology, holographic software development, holographic AR advertising technology, holographic ARSDK payment and interactive holographic communication, etc. With its achievements in holographic achievements, WIMI Hologram has become one of the best integrated entities in the holographic cloud industry in China in terms of scale, industry chain coverage and performance.

With respect to the consumer demands of Gen Z youth, WIMI Hologram first figures out what the Gen Z audiences prefer to watch, and then creates similar content products. In order to accomplish the transition from flat contents to stereoscopic and all-round contents, WIMI Hologram has been constantly coming up with new and surprising ideas in the holographic field, combining creative design with new technology to create a magic and fabulous stage visual scene.

WIMI Hologram mainly applies holographic AR technology to entertainment and advertising to meet the distinctive preferences of Gen Z youth living in different cultural circles. For holographic AR advertising, WIMI Hologram improves interactivity and fun of AR to make up for consumers' aesthetic fatigue to traditional advertising. At the same time, the rise of "life map" advertising in offline office buildings and shopping districts has promoted the widespread development of holographic AR advertising. In addition, due to the difficulty in breaking through traditional entertainment and game terminals and the intensified competition in the industry, consumers' pursuit of better entertainment and game experience will catalyze the wide application of holographic AR entertainment and games. The unique advantages of WIMI Hologram AR divide the application fields of holographic cloud advertising into two types: online advertising implantation with holographic AR and offline advertising release on holographic advertising platforms. The former is the application of computer holographic vision in the field of video advertising, and the latter is the application in the field of advertising presented by holographic vision through special devices such as light-particle advertising machine, holographic glass advertising machine and holographic window advertising machine. Based on the above applications in holographic AR advertising, WIMI Hologram meets the needs of Gen Z youth for diversified content.

For holographic AR entertainment, WIMI Hologram cloud platform achieves high-standard entertainment experience of stereoscopic visuals for Gen Z youth. Traditional entertainment has been unable to satisfy customers' demands for stereoscopic visual innovation. The offline entertainment industry has not undergone major innovations and forms in the past 30 years, and the growth of the industry has been weak. In order to meet the high-standard demands of users for holographic stereoscopic visual, WIMI Hologram gradually replaces the new holographic stereoscopic devices, for example, it iteratively upgrades the offline entertainment applications involving eating, drinking and merry-making applications, and meets the stereoscopic, holographic demands of consumers for offline ordinary entertainment visual experience.

The form of WIMI Hologram AR experience is versatile, so it can meet the changing needs of customers for curiosity and innovation, boosting the satisfaction of Generation Z. The application system of WIMI Hologram Cloud Entertainment can switch the whole theme scenes with one click to keep up with the varying needs of customers and quickly adapt to their personalized demands. WIMI Hologram cloud entertainment platform has 4654 items of high-quality holographic content, allowing customers to choose the holographic visual presentation content to meet their needs. The form of entertainment, interaction and experience in WIMI Hologram cloud entertainment platform can completely subvert the experience of current offline traditional entertainment industry, and thus give rise to a new business form and mode of offline holographic visual experience. Application fields are as follows: high-end family holographic entertainment, holographic office meetings, holographic music cafes, holographic high-end dining, holographic music festivals, etc. WIMI Hologram strives to promote revolutionary changes in content production technology and content expression forms to meet the high expectations of Gen Z audiences for online entertainment contents.

WIMI Hologram has been committed a variety of innovations, such as the synthetic application of holographic and cloud technology, integrated holographic, 3D, AI and so on. In the face of the innovative requirements of Generation Z, through the way of new consumption, WIMI Hologram has also been deeply developing, increasing social and interactive attributes, connecting online and offline experiences and new consumption, bringing more new business modes based on content for the platform and users. When the content of these new business modes gradually takes shape, on the one hand, it meets the demand of the Gen Z consumers for quality content, and on the other hand, it promotes the expansion of the holographic industry on the consumption scene, which is likely to be the real highly-innovative content consumption of holographic AR in the future.

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