Joe Nimble launched transformational footwear retail innovation based on TRYFIT

The TRYFIT automatic mobile identification is the best method of 3D-fitting shoes

The launch of the App confirms our customer centered approach, as we bring even more benefit to the consumer by the use of state-of-the-art technology. ”
— Sebastian Bär, Managing Director JOE NIMBLE / BÄR GmbH
DUBLIN, IRELAND, June 8, 2021 / -- The current, almost 100-years old "linear size + 3D shoe trying on" retail paradigm forces online shoppers to over-purchase shoes for trying them on at home and return 60% of purchased shoes. Free delivery and return of tens of millions of unwanted shoes wipe out retailers' profit and pollute the environment.

But even physical trying on of multiple shoes does not guarantee optimal fit because it is impossible to try hundreds of different models and sizes that form 3D shoe insides for a 3D-dimensionally unique shopper’s foot.

The fit problem is even more critical for millions of people with Hallux Valgus. A big toe misalignment cannot stabilize the body properly while walking and exercising. Therefore, other parts of the body must compensate for the instability causing pain or injuries. Only in Germany, about ten million people suffer from Hallux valgus.

Joe Nimble, the inventor of the Functional Footwear design concept, introduced transformational innovation to enable the global proliferation of mobile anytime and anywhere Hallux angle diagnosis and identification of the best 3D-fitting shoes that will stabilize Hallux Valgus-affected people.

Joe Nimble, a German company, and TRYFIT, an Irish company, launched a mobile IOS app that offers online footwear shoppers a comfortable, fit-confident experience journey to the best fitting, Hallux angle stabilizing athletic shoes. Joe Nimble shopper's journey starts from 3D self-scanning the feet using the smartphone app. This one-time registration takes only about a minute and generates an accurate 3D model of the shopper's foot, including Hallux angle parameters and the arch type. Then TRYFIT mobile platform matches the 3D model of the shopper's foot with the 3D shoe insides of the Joe Nimble shoe collection and identifies the best 3D-fitting shoes. Unlike the traditional "linear size plus 3D shoe trying on" paradigm, the Joe Nimble-TRYFIT app does the opposite. The app performs digital "3D shoes trying on" for all shoes to identify models and sizes of the best-fitting ones.

"In recent years, we have noticed a generational and behavioral shift – from in-store shopping to online and from websites to mobile – currently, more than 80% of online traffic comes from mobile devices. The launch of the Joe Nimble app a key part of a seamless shopper's experience journey to health-improving comfortable shoes," said Sebastian Baer, President of Joe Nimble."

"The launch of the App confirms our customer centered approach, as we bring even more benefit to the consumer by the use of state-of-the-art technology. The individual foot scan and the personal shoe recommendation help overcome the insecurities of the consumer in online shopping concerning the correct size and fit. This technology is not even available in shoe stores yet and represents the future of convenient online shopping." Sebastian Bär, Managing Director JOE NIMBLE / BÄR GmbH

Please use this link to download the Joe Nimble app:

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