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Honglan Wang announces launch of her newest consulting firm in the field of biotechnology, Honglan Wang Consulting

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 6, 2021 / -- Honglan Wang is a well-known physiologist and pharmacologist who specializes in cardiovascular physiology and pharmacology. Over the years, she has advanced to the highest levels of pharmacology, receiving a Ph. D. in Cardiovascular Pharmacology from China Pharmaceutical University. As a product of her practice, she has contributed significantly to the field of pharmacology. This is evidenced by her contributions to cardiovascular drug discovery at Myokkardia and her academic papers in participant journals. Wang's paper has been published in more than ten learner journals on different aspects of physiology and pharmacology. Wang has already demonstrated her knowledge by working on cardiovascular pharmacology research with different institutions.

All across her career, Honglan Wang has served as a research scientist and a consultant for a variety of organizations. Perhaps her most notable achievement is her internship at Ohio State University, where she worked as a postdoctoral fellow from 2010 to 2014. She has also worked at MyoKardia, where she was a senior researcher, and Lingyi Biotechnology, where she is the manager. One of the key reasons that has driven Wang to where she is now is her forward-thinking approach to physiology and pharmacology. Wang recognizes the importance of emerging technology to change this industry. She is currently researching A.I technology and how it could be used to aid in the discovery of new medication.

Honglan Wang is excited to announce the launch of her newest consulting firm. Honglan Wang Consulting. Honglan will concentrate on the field of biotechnology.

Honglan Decided to start the consultation agency since she is also well-versed in the field of drug development, and she wanted to make use of her knowledge to provide help and guidance through her Agency. Honglan also used to work at Myokardia as a senior scientist and team leader, an organization that is developing a precision medicine strategy to discover, produce, and popularize focused therapies for the treatment of severe and overlooked rare cardiovascular diseases. At Myokardia, Honglan was comfortable operation simultaneously as tem leader and technical contributor in the service of drug discovery and lead optimization. On top of that, she was hired by Myokardia to bring together and manage a group of expert, technically qualified researchers into a solid team that operates faultlessly to produce information needed to make high-level decisions. She'd even taken the lead on a number of programs that helped achieving Myokardia’s business’s goals.

Honglan's client’s base has grown at a fast rate from the time when she started her private practice a while ago. One of the most important reasons behind her decision to open the new agency is to attract an even bigger client base while providing them with a professional setting where their business can be discussed. The agency is going to include a number of professionals who would contribute into providing the clients with the type of service they want. On top of that, the agency would feature some of the latest equipment in the field of biotechnology in order to provide the clients with a hands-on showcase of what can be done in multiples different scenarios. On top of that, her agency, due to the Covid19 outbreak, would feature improved air flow and an established mask rule so that the risk of contracting the Corona virus inside her property would be almost non-existent. It's all part of her plan to keep clients secure and have the best possible service, and the new agency's security precautions have already gotten good feedback.

Honglan hopes that the new agency would improve the efficiency of her really well-regarded consultation and management services. It is because she's outfitted it with new up-to-date technology to better analyze and manage the majority of the problems her clients face, and even provide them with a quick outline of the work that needs to be done. The high-end monitors and analysis devices that she recently purchased for her agency would give her work even more credibility. These newly approved devices will assist her in performing extra precise consultations and checks so that she can assist her clients in avoiding issues, outlining their work plan, and gathering the data that is required for them to start working as soon as possible. Honlang has already ordered this equipment, which is expected to arrive by mid 2021.

To make the agency work even smoother, she also plans to incorporate to her agency an Artificial Intelligence-powered simulator in order to manage the making of hypothetical medicines and test them in a virtual setting. The simulator will perform high accuracy simulations under various conditions in order to test the different medicines/drugs in a time efficient way before commencing trials. This is a fairly new concept that earned FDA approval only recently. In comparison to other instruments she has used in the past, it may perform a variety of new operations without requiring much time nor monitoring, which something that would prove crucial for Honlang’s new agency’s reputation and work quality. She can perform consultations and other procedures more effectively and quickly with this method. She has already put an order, and she anticipates receiving it in mid 2021. These investments, while being risky, would help the new agency get an edge over other rival businesses and also help Honglan get international fame and approval in the field consulting, especially in a purely pharmaceutical setting.

Honglan's interview was recently featured on Ideamensch. You can view learn more about Honglan Wang Consulting by visiting their Twitter or linkedIn. Please visit for more information.

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