SoundBlock Asia Set to Launch Ear Plugs That Are An Easier Fit & A Better Fix.

Giving users the peace they deserve

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, June 3, 2021 / -- Singapore based start-up, SoundBlock Asia will be launching the nation’s first metal-bodied ear plugs. As light as a paper clip, ATTENU8™ promises an easier fit than traditional foam ear plugs, which is crucial for better sound attenuation.

ATTENU8™ is made with a solid aluminium body and comes with 3 sizes of memory foam tips. It also comes with foam tips that can be capped over the bottom of the metal body; great for side sleepers.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw a sharp increase in sales for ear plugs. People realised how disruptive it can be working from home.” says Marissa Tang, founder of SoundBlock Asia. “Typically, the default option for ear plugs are the foam ones as it is a cheaper alternative. However, many struggle to attain the right fit as it’s too soft and malleable, adversely affecting sound reduction. It is also a waste to dispose them so quickly.”

To address this gap, ATTENU8™ comes with 3 different sizes of foam tips so that users can find their ideal size. Together with the metal body, it will then be easier to fit ATTENU8™ properly into the ear canal, offering better sound attenuation.

According to Tang, “We’ve been distributing and selling a range of ear plugs since 2020 and have received feedback on some of the products. It was important to address our customers’ feedback, so we created some prototypes and conducted one-on-one interviews to see how we can refine the product to address their concerns.”

“To be honest, I don’t think we reinvented the wheel or created ‘world’s first products’. Rather, our approach was to design with intent - making small tweaks that matter. We are now at a place where we are ready to launch it to the masses.”, said Tang.

ATTENU8™ will be launched on Kickstarter in the coming weeks and backers will receive an exclusive discount by snagging early bird rewards. A freebie will also be given if they indicate their interest via this website.

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About the Company

Since 2020, SoundBlock Asia has been selling a range of ear plugs and recently embarked on a journey to launch ATTENU8™ with the goal of setting the gold-standard of ear-plugs: effective, comfortable and durable. The long term goal is to rid the notion that ear plugs are ‘uncool’ and encourage the use of hearing protection in our lives.

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