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Detaching From Technology: How DTCH Is Helping People Put Down Their Phones to Live Fully

DTCH by Nutritious Media

DTCH by Nutritious Media

The Purpose-Driven App by Nutritious Media is Designed to Free Users of Technology Dependence and Social Media Toxicity

VENICE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2021 / -- In today’s day and age almost everyone has a cell phone that harnesses the power of a computer in the palm of their hand. Due to this, society has created a culture obsessed with the constant attachment to social media. This incessant attachment inevitably fills the mind with negative imagery, frivolous information, and impeding thoughts of comparison; reducing the quality of life and robbing users of productivity, relationships, and overall mental health. To help society get back to what matters most, Nutritious Media has created and developed DTCH (pronounced detach), an application to help detox the mind and spirit from cell phone use and social media.

Just as the body builds up toxins that require detoxification, so does the mind. Overuse of digital stimulants wreaks havoc on self-image, self-control, and the ability to form positive and meaningful connections with others. Nearly every app on the market is designed to keep users engaged, drawing their attention towards the screen and away from daily life. DTCH on the other hand aims to accomplish the opposite. DTCH, available in the Apple App Store, is the #1 digital detox and digital fasting app, designed to limit screen time and phone usage by implementing gentle vibration alerts to urge users to put their phone down and enjoy the world around them.

Social media has effectively created a society of comparison. No one posts their low moments, which fools onlookers into thinking that one’s highlight reel is in fact reality. This constant comparison poisons the mind, which can damage relationships, work-life, family life, and self-image. DTCH is setting users free of the comparison restraints, to welcome in:

- Improved Relationships
- Reduced Stress
- Increased Productivity, Creativity, and Attention Span
- Improved Sleep Habits, Posture & Physical Health
- Increased Personal Time & Reduced FOMO
- Improved Mental Health & Self Image
- Refined Problem Solving & Analytical Skills
- A more adventurous and fulfilling life

Modern society thrives off of the consumer’s dependence on technology and addiction to social media, DTCH is strategically designed to help people reconnect with reality and rebuild healthy and productive mentalities free of technology dependence. Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to reviving the busy mind; Nutritious Media’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the DTCH app.

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About Nutritious Media:

Nutritious Media believes that the quality of media society consumed, and how we interact with it are as essential to the mind as food is to the body. Founded in 2019 by Josef Kirk Myers, Nutritious Media seeks to guide the world in exploring more fulfilling and rewarding lives by reducing phone use with their purpose-driven app DTCH. DTCH is the #1 app for digital detox and digital fasting trusted by millions. The easy-to-use application helps users reduce their phone usage with gentle reminders to reengage their focus, prosperity, and peace of mind on the life in front of them. Nutritious Media designed DTCH as a digital detox, clearing toxins from the mind that result from the high consumption of social media. DTCH only offers essential features designed to keep users off of the phone, reducing screen time spent within the app by less than 10 seconds peruse. Featured as Product Hunt’s #3 Product of the Day, DTCH is rapidly gaining recognition on an international scale.


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